The sun shines on a superb Otley Open 10

Organised for the second year running by Christine Bell, assisted and supported by Trevor Hatib, Otley Cycle Club’s Open 10-mile Time Trial was again a resounding success.

Blessed with a warm, sunny day – remember those? – and little wind, the day and course were ideal for those who wanted to test their racing legs for the first time in what is now rightly known as a novice-friendly event.

Split into three events – Tandems, Women and Men – the event demanded lots of helpers and marshals. Club members certainly rose to the occasion, some mirroring first time TTers with their involvement and thanks to all the event went brilliantly well.

Using an Otley CC favourite course on the A168, the V212 with the headquarters at Arkendale, 122 riders were lined up ready to go, consisting of 29 women and 93 men, our President Liz Hills the first rider away. Unfortunately there were no tandem riders. Our tandem national age record holders Christine Bell and Rachel Crowther obviously couldn’t ride their tandem because of Christine’s organisational skills being put to good use running the 10, and club tandem record holders Harry and Eleanor Hunt were riding individually.

Liz happy to be racing again!

A plethora of pushers-off

Otley CC was well represented with eight women and 15 men riding on the day. Fastest overall Otley rider was Joe Howcroft in 22:29 and fastest Otley woman was Claire Jessop in 26:27. Results for all Otley CC riders as listed below along with their position in each event.


Claire Jessop 26:27 5th

Helen Goldthorpe 27:06 8th

Eleanor Hunt 27:15 9th

Rachel Crowther 28:50 13th

Lucy Ellmore 28:57 14th

Rebecca Bland 29:47 16th

Liz Hills 33:53 23rd

Julie Robson 36:18 25th


Joe Howcroft 22:29 18th

Toby Kitching 23:42 31st

Harry Hunt 24:19 38th

Jonathan Hobbs 24:40 43rd

Luke O’Connell 25:03 47th

James Cullen 25:19 49th

Ian Chapman 25:57 60th

Andrew Bolton 27:32 67th

Gary Purchon 27:53 69th

Greg Jessop 27:59 70th

Tom Wallace 29:03 74th

Raymond Gay 29:28 76th

Matt Ellmore 29:43 77th

Justin Dyson 30:03 79th

Andrew Wallace 46:03 82nd

It’s worth mentioning that Andrew Wallace’s first foray into TTing didn’t go exactly as planned. Andrew loaned his racing shoes to son Tom who’d forgotten his – we’ve all done it Tom! – then punctured. Well done on persevering Andrew and stick at it, it’ll only get better

The women’s event was won by Madeline Moore of TORQ Performance 24:52 and the men’s by Chris Smart of GTR – Return To Life in 20:38. Pleasingly, Otley riders featured in the awards.

1st and 2nd Juvenile in the women’s event were Eleanor and Lucy, with Claire and Helen fastest women’s team in an aggregate time of 53:33.

In the men’s event Joe and Toby were 2nd and 3rd Junior.

Full results – Women’s and Men’s – and report courtesy of CTT and Snowdon Sports.

More photographs can be viewed on the club Flickr account here and on Carolyn Nelson’s Flickr account, Women’s here, Men’s here.

As always, lots of tea and cake were enjoyed afterwards at the HQ, no doubt over discussions about where “I could have tried a little harder” and “I’ve just raced so I deserve this extra piece of cake!”

Hazel shows Justin her photographic skills while Gill tries not to laugh and Trevor wonders why no one is interested in his numbers collection

“Which cake should I try Julia?” “Any Andrew, they’re all delicious!”

Superby organised by Christine with fantastic support from Trevor and from the numerous willing helpers on the day, the Otley 10 is an event the club can rightly be proud of.