Social Series ride reports – 11th Feb 2018

A bleak, windy and wintry day led to a low turnout this week, with everybody opting to stay safe and head towards Ilkley or Bolton Abbey. As a result we just have the one ride report, written once the frost-bite had worn off. Well done to all those who braved it!

How low can you go? 4 head on a Gentle Ride to Ilkley

Liz’s report…

With a forecast of 40mph winds and snow showers, the Gentle Ride made a last-minute change to the route and decided to keep on the low lanes towards Bolton Abbey.

We were joined by new member Chris and (technically) even newer member Andrew who joined the club online in the pub after the ride! We invite riders to ‘try before you buy’ by coming on a couple of club runs with us before deciding to join so that was fine by us.

Sheila stepped up as backmarker and did an excellent job making sure no-one got dropped on the hills.

So, the 4 of us set off, admiring the views of Weeton Church and red kites hunting over the fields outside of Ilkley. We kept together as a group, regrouping at the top of the hills, and chatting as we rode (although Andrew couldn’t hear much through his thick winter walking hat!).

When we got to Ilkley we did a ‘digit check’, and given that none of us could feel our toes or fingers we decide to stop for a very welcome and welcoming coffee at Outside of the Box and then headed back.

A couple of stops on the way back to catch our breaths and admire the views (the sun came out for a photo!) and then 3 of us headed to The Fleece to warm up and compare socks and gloves!

A fabulous February ride – well worth making the effort to come out in the cold!