PATCH! Looking after yourself & your group

Good group riding is very important and one way to make those miles feel shorter and stay safe on the roads. You might want to familiarise yourself with our guide to riding in a group – click here – but for those of you new to it we’ve condensed it down to an easy to remember acronym (cycle related too!!) – PATCH:

If you’re new to it all, watch and listen to those who’ve been doing it for years – the beauty of being a member of a cycle club!

We highly advise that you carry ICE (In Case of Emergency) details with you; your waterproof club card is the ideal thing, or have them on your phone home screen, or both.

Don’t forget if there is an incident/ accident, particularly if someone is injured, please email with brief details of who, where and when as it helps us with inquiries after the event.

Enjoy your Cycling!