Nicole Mann Grand Tour Award 2017 – Winner

This award was established in 2015 so that the club could recognise the efforts of club members to complete interesting tours and share their experience with club members. The award is judged on the basis of a written submission and the winning entry is judged by a panel of club members.

In 2017 this award was converted from a plaque to a permanent trophy and was bought in celebration of the life of Nicole Mann who tragically died of cancer in October 2017, aged 42. Nicole was a committed club member and ride leader. She loved to tour and in 2018 club members will be taking part in a memorial tour “Barrow to Jarrow” (read about it here) which was designed by Nicole whilst she was unwell and although she never recovered to be able to ride this tour we hope that over the next few years we will be able to make this ride a regular part of our club’s activity

The first winner of the Nicole Mann Grand Tour Award is Steve Morris. Steve completed an epic journey across France with fully loaded panniers and in blistering heat.

We also had excellent entries from our flyers Tom Radcliffe and Harry Hunt writing about their adventure across France –“LeChav”. Our mountain goats Gill Arnett and Andy Hall wrote about their King of the Mountains Giro d’Italia Tour with an impressive amount of climbing. Finally a very exotic tour as Carol Armistead describes her tour across Brazil with her husband John to see Lizzie at the Rio Olympics.

Read the winning entry here Steve Morris – Epic journey across France

The other excellent stories can be found below:

Tom Radcliffe and Harry Hunt


Gill Arnett and Andy Hall

King of the Mountains Giro d’Italia Tour

Carol Armistead

Tour across Brazil