YCCA Winter Cross York Sport and North of England Cyclo Cross Champs

It seems the muddier and the colder the better for our cyclo cross riders, particularly the younger end who are delivering the results week after week with Ruaridh Aylward recently winning his third YCCA event in a row and Dexter Leeming-Sykes performing well in YCCA events too and also at regional level.

Ruaridh’s hat-trick of wins was realised at the York Sport event 17th December in the U10 category, his partner-in-crime Oscar taking 6th place. Report by Jonathan Aylward.

“…5 minutes before the start the light drizzle became heavy rain…
…one just knew that the icy ground had become treacherous
…tyres too hard…too late
…whistle, and sprint for the first corner.

“Ruaridh and Oscar were at York Sport for the season finale at the end of a series of tough races sponsored by Kinesis. Partners-in-crime they seemed to have inspired each other to ever better performances, on the way surviving sub-zero temperatures in Bradford, gale force winds in Wakefield and mech-busting mud in Halifax.

“So, on this almost totally flat course (well it was York!), next to and, heaven foribd, even on the tarmaced closed race circuit, one might think ‘tootle round a few times, get a bag of sweets and relax and go home and watch ‘our’ Mandy Parker on BBC1 SPOTY? No chance! With the coeficient of friction approaching zero, the ice lay in wait….

“…Ruaridh went down first, and got dumped into 5th, then the leading pair went down coming off the banking, which meant Ruaridh suddenly found himself leading. Thereafter the race evolved into the pair of Ruaridh and Jody battling for the victory and Tomos and Mark going for the last podium spot.

“The leading pair BOTH went down the on the last lap over the banking at exactly the same time, then a few seconds later Ruaridh sprinted to the hurdles for the last time and also made a clean get-away to get a small gap that secured the win, albeit with Jody still ‘a la limite’ chasing hard right to the line.

“Oscar didn’t put a wheel wrong, and again rode a technically excellent race to record a fine 6th place”.

Photographs courtesy of Stuart Hall.

Dexter had a podium place too in the MU16 category of the Youth race, finishing a fine 3rd overall and in his category with his sister Mo (FU14) finishing 50th overall and 8th in her category. And two weeks earlier at the North of England Cyclo-Cross Championships promoted by South Shields Velo CC at the Temple Park Centre in South Shields Dexter finished in 10th place in the U16 event, earning himself 12 points.

Photographs from YCCA York Sport courtesy of David Leeming-Sykes.

YCCA York Sport results from the YCCA website and North of England Cyclo-Cross Championships results from BC website.