Social Series ride report – Christmas Dinner ‘Ride Out’ Special

I think the message from these reports should be that a picture tells a thousand words. See for yourselves the wondrous nature of our collective costumery. We had Father Christmases by the dozen (but only one with panniers full of presents) and Elves-a- plenty, a couple of fairies, an over-heating reindeer, a really crap Robin (as described by his wife), ‘The First Pudding’, and a tremendous turkey (with a necklace of vegetables) that wouldn’t fit in anybody’s oven!! Aerodynamics were not a consideration either for Steve’s Christmas wreath strapped to his helmet.

The dinner itself was an 80 strong sell out at The Wharfedale in Arthington. A big thank you to them for catering for us all, and a massive thank you to Pam Baxter for organising it all AGAIN. We learnt at the meal that she has been doing this for over 30 years now – that’s some commitment! There was also a highly entertaining and never ending raffle.

But before we had the dinner, we did do a little bit of riding around :-), so here’s a flavour of that too…

Santa’s Chevin Chase

Rachel’s ride report..

Fuelled by Greggs mince pies, five of us cruised up West Chevin and up to Suprise View. My little group consisted of Spruce ‘Steve Morris’ Springsteen, Justin’Jolly Reindeer ‘ Dyson, Stephen ‘First Pudding’ Lloyd and John ‘Bad Santa’ Barnett!
After a quick photo stop it was pretty much downhill all the way to The Dexter for a quick cuppa! Then full steam ahead back along Wiggo and Alwoodley Lane and a quick blast down Black Hill to make it to The Wharedale for Christmas lunch!
Personally, I had a fab ride, I haven’t done any Social Series rides this year, so I loved being out and catching up with a few folk! Definitely feeling festive now! Merry Christmas everyone and here’s to another great year of cycling!
And here’s a few photos from the rest of the rides…

Two rides visited the Donkey Sanctuary

Follow that Turkey!

Panniers full of presents

“Madam President and the First Pudding”