Ride report – B’s go to Haworth and beyond

The B section ride this week was hillier than usual; heading for Haworth and then beyond that over the moor to Wycoller. Rumour has it we may have entered Lancashire briefly – life on the edge!

Seven started the ride but sadly we were soon down to six, due to early shoulder pain. A wise decision given the steep terrain coming up. The remainder gamely followed our leader Karen as we skirted Baildon Moor and dropped into Airedale before heading for Haworth up up up Ryecroft Road. There were some who were glad they didn’t know that was coming :-).


Ray takes aim at the top of Ryecroft Road

Nigel conveniently got a puncture at the bottom of Haworth main street, thus enabling him to respectably walk up the steep cobbled hill to the cafe. Ray and I checked, but couldn’t find any holes in his tube…mighty suspicious!

Well fuelled, we carried on climbing gradually up onto the moor towards Wycoller. It was a clear crisp autumnal day, and the views were stunning. Both back into Yorkshire…

Ken doing his best to disobey the instruction on the road.

“The Ken chasers”

And forwards into Lancashire…

Pendle Hill

The hills and puncture had slowed us somewhat, so after much deliberation (everybody’s answer was “I don’t mind” to every question poor Karen asked!) we cut short our intended route via Skipton and headed off down some lovely lanes. Nobody seemed to know quite where they were, but they were lovely, and got us in the end to Silsden.

Well, most of us. I’m afraid we lost Ken & Ray at a junction 😳 For newcomers to our club, rest assured this doesn’t usually happen! ..and we went out of our way to go back and find them, but in the end we carried on safe in the knowledge that they knew how to get home. (They did get home – I checked – and they did the full route too pretty much, so kudos to them!)

One last hill over the top to Addingham and then we scooted back along the A65. A cracking day in the sun. Big thanks to Karen for route-finding and general group negotiation! 🙂