Sporting Miles Award 2017

This award is for the member that rides the most number of miles in non-competitive event in the “club year” – 1st October 2016 to 30th September 2017. It is to celebrate endurance in miles in the saddle and is not about the time you took to complete these miles. Any time trial events including the endurance events – eg 12/24 hour events are excluded from this award.

To compete in this award your miles must have been ridden in an organised group Sportive or Audax calendar events with published results or finishers lists.  This excludes Reliability Rides as results are not published for these and also any of the “permanent” audax rides.

You may have ridden independently or as part of an Otley team, we hope that your Otley shirt features somewhere on the ride and would love to see some of your photos to feature on our club website.

To enter for the award please submit the following details by Monday 11th December 2017 to

There is a women’s and men’s competition. The winner of both competitions will be announced on the website and the winners will be invited to the Club’s Award Dinner Friday 19th January 2018. The table below shows the info required.


Event Date Miles Ridden Proof of completion

(this is usually the website page of the Sportive showing the official finishers or it could be a stamped audax card)