YCCA Wakefield and Pateley Bridge Winter ‘cross bring wins for Otley riders

Rounds 6 and 7 of the YCCA Winter ‘cross Series took place 22nd & 29th October respectively, Otley CC riders at each event of course to enjoy the mud-plugging victories too for Ruaridh Aylward and Dexter Leeming-Sykes.

Jonathan Aylward was at both rounds to report on the performances of our younger riders.


Testing Conditions at Wakefield – Fine performances by all

The first winter storm of the year brought a lot of overnight rain and, during the actual race a strong, cold wind from the NW making riding conditions quite difficult.

That notwithstanding, several smiling Otley riders lined up for the start of the Wakefield Cross race in Thornes Park, which used most of the playing fields on the small but exposed flat-topped hill, with a small loop through gentle wooded banking on the western side.

Ruaridh Aylward and Oscar Hall stormed to 1st and 7th places respectively (their best ever), whilst Annie Chambers and sister Charlotte (surely a future star in the making – a girl seemingly born to race), enjoyed the excellent open and technical riding.

Round 6 Results


Ruaridh Aylward U10 Male 1st

Oscar Hall U10 Male 7th

Annie Chambers U10 Female 34th


Charlotte Chambers U12 Female 43rd


Liam Mealey MSen 69th overall, 25th category


Peter Middlemiss MV50 100th overall, 40th category

Photographs courtesy of Jonathan Aylward.

Annie coming out of the wooded section

Ruaridh with a ‘race face’ taking an early lead but being closely marked by a rider from Holmfirth

Ruaridh coming out of the woods with half a lap to go

Ruaridh attacks on the penultimate lap

Ruaridh passing lapped riders on the last lap

Ruaridh on the top step of the U10 podium for the first time


Otley CC Riders win U10 and Youth Cyclocross Races

Ruaridh produced another handsome victory, but this time with stronger competition and by a larger margin. After the start whistle sounded the usual sprint for early positions resulted in Ryden Hindle of Shibden and Ruaridh from Otley out in front battling for first and second. Ryden launched attack after attack on laps 2, 3, and 4 in an attempt to make the break, and each time Ruaridh held on. Then, on the penultimate lap, when Ruaridh sensed that Ryden was tiring, he launched his own attack and managed to get away. The penultimate and last laps by Ruaridh were the fastest and second fastest in the entire race, and victory was assured.

Repeating his success in the Yorkshire Championship race at holmfirth, Dexter Leeming-Sykes rode to victory in the Youths race, whilst his sister Mo came 4th in her category.

Round 7 results


Ruaridh Aylward U10 Male 1st


Dexter Leeming-Sykes MU16 1st overall, 1st category

Mo Leeming-Sykes FU16 19th overall, 4th category


Liam Mealey MSen DNF

James Cullen MV50 43rd overall, 15th category

Andrew Moxon MV50 54th overall, 15th category

Photographs courtesy of Jonathan Aylward, Helen Goldthorpe and David Leeming-Sykes

Ruaridh tops the U10 podium

Dexter tops the Youth podium