B Section ride 20th Oct – Burnsall

Following on from a very enjoyable 40 mile ride to Harrogate in Sunday 15th, the next B section ride will also be relatively short one – 45 miles to Burnsall.

At time of writing the forecast storm hasn’t hit yet. Here’s hoping that the super autumn colours will be still be there for us!

The B section rides are now moving into the winter pattern of 40-50 miles. This makes best use of the available daylight and gets us back to Otley around late lunchtime (depending on how long we stop at the cafe). Last Sunday’s ride got us round quite quickly without feeling as though we were pressing the pace.

The B rides differ from other sections in that we don’t do the distances of the Inters or the As, but, we are also still able to keep flowing in the way that they would. We re-group at the top of hills when needed, but this is rarely for much longer than is needed for the last person to get to the top and we then carry on and catch our breath on the way down.

We are a friendly lot, but it’s rare that we stop long enough to take a photo – other than perhaps at the cafes. We also try and avoid anybody riding off the front and splitting the group. It is a nice balance, with the focus on just enjoying being on our bikes, and fits between a social ride and the more spirited traditional club rides that you might find in other clubs.

This winter, if you like the idea of 40-50 mile ride that still leaves time in the day to do other things, then give us a go!