Triangle 22. It’s all over bar the shouting. Well, almost.

Triangle Time Trial Series 2017

Let’s cut to the chase. Tom Broadley now has an unassailable lead over dad Steve in the 2017 Triangle Series points standings after scoring 5 points at the penultimate round Thursday 24th August. But it’s all to play for for third place.

The outgoing and the incoming Triangle Series Champions

A balmy night, one of the best so far, greeted the riders and helpers. No traffic lights, no roadworks and no traffic hold-ups meant a clear course ahead. Lots of permutations about whether or not the series could be won on the night but in the end it really came down to the points Steven didn’t win.

With Tom on 46 points and Steve on 40, Steve really had to score maximum points and Tom virtually none for the series result to wait until the following and final week. As it was, the man of the moment, John Churchman took the maximum 6 – more of that later – Steve scoring only 2 points. With Tom scoring 5 that means that even if Steve scores the maximum 6 at the last event he can’t overtake Tom.

Another rider who’s on form is Trevor Hatib, taking another 4 points and almost reaching his season target of doing a ’36’. Maybe at the last round Trevor? Weatherman Jon Sharpe, fastest rider overall on the night on his second ride back after a lay off due to a knee injury, scored 3 points surprisingly his first of the season, and John Buddle took the final point.

And that third place battle? Well, with John Churchman scoring 6 points and current third placed rider Stuart Newbould not scoring any the gap between Stuart and fourth placed John is now only half a point. So, it will be down to points scored on the final night to decide who gets that last place on the podium.

Lastly, a mention for Helen Goldthorpe whose mechanical woes continued, this time her bike letting her down when her left crank came loose near Riffa and Helen was forced to head off walking back to the finish. Thanks go to Claire Jessop for driving to collect Helen. Claire had set off to collect husband Greg who suffered a puncture but made it back to the finish under his own steam.

Photograph courtesy of Liam Mealey.

At least Helen’s smiling after her crank ended her ride early

Points qualifying rides (points in brackets).

Jon Sharpe 30:24 (3)

James Cullen 31:49

Tom Broadley 33:32 (5)

John Buddle 33:40 (1)

Stuart Newbould 33:47

Marton Tallontire 33:55

Richard Horgan 34:10

Steve Broadley 35:09 (2)

Tony Wild 36:33

Trevor Hatib 37:03 (4)

John Churchman 38:07 (6)

Non-qualifying rides

Tim Dodkin 30:38

Tim Garwell 30:54

Points standings after Round 22

Tom Broadley 51

Steve Broadley 42

Stewart Newbould 30.5

John Churchman 30

James Cullen 22

Tony Wild 20

Jonathan Hobbs 18

Tim Howcroft 16

Greg Jessop 16

Sheldon Howcroft 14.5

Phil Mason 13

Sam Ward 13

Ian Cullen 12

Helen Goldthorpe 12

Trevor Hatib 12

Claire Jessop 12

John Buddle 9

Tony Bulmer 8

Liz Hills 7

John Barnett 6

Christine Bell 6

Richard Horgan 6

Dylan Lyons 6

Liam Mealey 6

Christine Thwaite 6

James Allen 5

Gill Arnett 5

Paul Luxton 5

Michael Kitchen 5

Andrew Bolton 3

Jon Sharpe 3

Thank you as always to the timekeepers and helpers. Only one round left to marshal, so if you haven’t marshalled this year don’t worry, there’s always 2018!

They might be smiling outside but inside…

‘Nothing is going to go wrong tonight’ thinks Helen

Club Captain Brian Keighley resplendent in his OCC Racing Team hoody