Half-Day Social Rides Sunday 27th August

Strenuous Ride – Wilsden Wobbler (26 miles)

This route takes us out of Otley towards Hawksworth and Bingley so is a great opportunity to explore roads
that we do not often cycle along from Otley. There are plenty of steep hill climbs so this ride is perfect for
developing your mountain goat skills both ascending and two steep descents into Bingley and on the return leg
to Saltaire. The return for this is of course the fantastic views!


The café on the St Ives estate is currently closed so stay on the main road to Wilsden and on the left you will
pass Woodbank Nurseries, they have a big café at the back.

Ride Leader Graham Smith

Stretching Ride 1 – Roundhay Ramble – 28 miles

This is a very interesting route which will take you along roads you are unlikely to know in our quest to find you
some fine snacks and coffee at Roundhay Park. The route begins with a gradual climb to Surprise View – with
recommended stopping places to admire the views! From Surprise View you get a trip along Millionaires Row
to see some quirky architecture choices! After the café stops the rides will return to Otley via Eccup reservoir
and an exciting descent of Black Hill – make sure your brakes are in good order for this ride!


Either The Mansion House or the Tropical World Café

Ride Leader Jill Birch

Stretching Ride 2 – North Rigton 23 miles

A really lovely loop around the Wharfe Valley, with a climb up the hill from Asquith to the Snowden Ridge and
then onto Fewston and then round to North Rigton (most of this ride is the reverse route of our Stretching
Ride to Fewston) There are fantastic views of the reservoirs and you will see Almscliffe Cragg from all sides.
The café stop is at 15 miles so you may want to take a snack with you to sustain you up the final hill climbs
before coffee!


Cafe Stop Square & Compass

Ride Leader – And a huge welcome back to the Social Series Liz Hills
WARNING – This Ride might contain an unplanned section of time trialling 😉

Gentle Ride 1 – Almsliffe Crag- 15 miles

This will be an easy ride with some climbing but at a very gentle pace and plenty of stops for you to admire the
great views and of course there will be fantastic cakes at the Honey House!! The route out starts on the Pool
Road so you can get warmed up before the climb up to Armscliffe Cragg via Gravelly Lane. After Armscliffe
Cragg it is a very gentle climb to a road on a plateau with views of Harrogate and Otley. On the return to Otley
this route usually goes up the hill to Farnley (with stops) so you can get used to climbing Otley hills, but you
may also decide to go back via Pool Road, which is longer but flatter


Café: The Honey House
Ride Leader Clare Groves
Back Marker Julia Odell

Gentle Ride 2 Wharfedale Wanderer – 19 miles

This is a slightly more demanding gentle route which takes in Burley, Menston, Guiseley and Bramhope. The
route goes out past the Fleece and then on the old gated road to Burley in Wharfedale. A cunning route is
taken from Burley to Menston, using a short section of footpath (please dismount!!) A tour of the High Royds
estate gives us a break from the main roads. After the break in Guiseley the route climbs up the steady Carlton
Lane to Bramhope before a steady descent back to Otley


Cafe Stop Everybodys Guiseley
Ride Leader Steven J Moncur