Triangle 20 & 21. Just…

Triangle Time Trial Series 2017

Two, or is it three for any pedants reading this, Triangle Series events in one week, Triangle 20 being a combined 10 & 15 on the A168 near Boroughbridge Tuesday 15th August, Triangle 21 the usual 12 1/2 fayre at Arthington on Thursday. But not without some doubt about the latter event.

10 & 15

Points were only awarded for the 15-mile TT, coincidentally 15 riders completing that longer distance. A total of 19 riders recorded 10-mile times.

The lead changed at the top as Tom Broadley took the maximum 6, beating dad Steve who scored 5, Tom now leading by 1 point before the 12 1/2 on Thursday. Claire Jessop, fastest Woman on the night for both the 10 & the 15, scored her first August points with 4 and John Churchman continued his good run by taking another 3 points, closing the gap slightly on current 3rd placed Stuart Newbould.

James Cullen, fresh from a family holiday in Spain, took 2 points with the fastest Otley CC rides of the night, recording 37:57 for the 15 and 24:50 for the 10. With equal handicap times, Sheldon Howcroft and Stuart Newbould shared the last remaining point between them.

Fastest rides overall on the night were by Neil Buckley with 34:48 for the 15 and 22:44 for the 10.

Points qualifying rides for 15 only (points in brackets).

James Cullen 37:57 (2)

Tim Howcroft 39:17

Stuart Newbould 39:49 (0.5)

Tom Broadley 40:02 (6)

Claire Jessop 40:25 (4)

Steve Broadley 40:59 (5)

Martin Tallontire 41:46

Sheldon Howcroft 43:08 (0.5)

Tony Wild 43:43

John Churchman 45:25 (3)

Tony Bulmer 47:11

Justin Dyson 47:20

Non-qualifying 15-mile rides

Neil Buckley 34:48

Mark Scatchard 36:22

Tim Garwell 36:25

10-mile times

Neil Buckley 22:44

Joe Howcroft 23:45

Mark Scatchard 23:50

Tim Garwell 24:01

James Cullen 24:50

Ian Cullen 25:16

Tim Howcroft 25:35

Tom Broadley 26:08

Stuart Newbould 26:26

Claire Jessop 26:29

Steve Broadley 26:35

Megan Cullen 27:34

Martin Tallontire 27:44

Eleanor Hunt 28:08

Sheldon Howcroft 28:18

Tony Wild 28:55

Justin Dyson 29:36

John Churchman 29:49

Tony Bulmer 29:55

Photographs courtesy of Carolyn Nelson via Facebook and Flickr.

12 1/2

Roadworks, roadworks, roadworks. Don’t you just love ’em. Someone in the area obviously loves putting them on the Triangle as the day before the 12 1/2 there were some by The Hunters near Riffa, meaning the event could be cancelled for a second successive week. However, our voices of dissent must have been heard and the roadworks had gone by Thursday evening and the event thankfully went ahead.

Tom Broadley is gradually wrestling the Triangle Points title away from dad Steve. Equal on points before Tuesday, Tom edged a point ahead after scoring maximum points in the 15-mile TT, Steve scoring 5. However, with Tom scoring another 6 on Thursday and Steve only scoring 1, the gap has now grown to 6 points.

James Cullen obviously needs to go on a non-Cycling family holiday again, scoring again with 5 points and moving to 5th in the table. John Buddle scored his first points for a while (4) doubling his tally in the table. Trevor Hatib took 3 points and Stuart Newbould, 3rd in the points table took 2.

Fastest Otley CC rider was Jon Sharpe with 30:29. Claire Jessop was the only woman rider, recording 36:03. Tim Garwell was fastest overall with 30:03.

Points qualifying rides (points in brackets).

Jon Sharpe 30:29

James Cullen 30:58 (5)

John Buddle 32:51 (4)

Stuart Newbould 32:51 (2)

Tom Broadley 33:55 (6)

Steve Broadley 35:13 (1)

Greg Jessop 35:56

Claire Jessop 36:03

Tony Wild 36:51

Trevor Hatib 37:08 (3)

Non-qualifying rides

Tim Garwell 30:03

Neil Buckley 30:05

Points standings after Rounds 20 & 21

Tom Broadley 46

Steve Broadley 40

Stuart Newbould 30.5

John Churchman 24

James Cullen 21

Tony Wild 20

Jonathan Hobbs 18

Tim Howcroft 16

Greg Jessop 16

Sheldon Howcroft 14.5

Phil Mason 13

Sam Ward 13

Ian Cullen 12

Helen Goldthorpe 12

Claire Jessop 12

John Buddle 8

Tony Bulmer 8

Trevor Hatib 8

Liz Hills 7

John Barnett 6

Christine Bell 6

Richard Horgan 6

Dylan Lyons 6

Liam Mealey 6

Christain Thwaite 6

James Allen 5

Gill Arnett 5

Paul Luxton 5

Michael Kitchen 4

Andrew Bolton 3

Thank you to the timekeepers and all the helpers for both events.

The next Triangle event on Thursday 24th August is a 12 1/2 starting 7.00 p.m.

Don’t forget to order your meal for the awards presentation Thursday 7th September at The Wharfedale Inn and also get your entry in for the Club 30 Championships to be held Sunday 17th September on the A168 near Boroughbridge, start 9.00 a.m. To be eligible for the 30 Championships you must enter no later than Sunday 10th September. Entries to Sheldon please on a CTT Entry Form.