Grass track finales. Otley Cycle Club on the podiums

The final points scoring round of the 2017 West Riding Track League (WRTL) took place Monday 7th August, giving Otley riders one last chance to shiwcase their prowess at Roundhay Park.


Charlotte Chambers took two wins in the Group 4&5 Girls, Amber Peacock two 2nd places, Annie Chambers a 3rd and a 5th and Amy Hodgkins two 4th places.

In the Group 1/2/3 Girls Isobel Wilks scored three wins and Poppy Peacock two 2nd places.

Alex Hodgkins took a win and a 3rd place and Jack Wilks a 3rd and a 4th place in the Group 2 Boys.

James Luxton was our sole rider in the Group 1 Boys, taking two 3rd places.

In a combined Group 1&2 Girls & Boys race Isobel was 4th, Alex 5th, Poppy 6th, James 7th and Jack 9th, and in the combined Devil Jack was 5th, Alex 6th, James 7th, Isobel 8th and Poppy 9th.

Freewheel Handicap

Amy and Annie were 3rd and 4th in the Group 5 Girls event. Amber won the Group 3&4 Girls with Charlotte in 3rd. In the 1&2 Girls Poppy took a win and Isobel was 1bd.

In the Boys 1&2 Group Jack was 1st, Alex 4th and James 7th.

The following Monday, 14th August it was the WRTL Prize Presentation Night, with many Otley riders on the podium, by far the most being members of the Mini Flyers squad, although there were of course other Otley successes. Category winners were presented with cycling jerseys courtesy of LifeCycles Bike Shop in Leeds and Biemme Sport UK.

Rob Wilks has reported on the Minis 2017 grass track season. Photographs courtesy of Rob.

Mini Flyers 2017 Grass Track

Four months of racing came to end on Monday for the Mini-Flyers Race Team. An end to the weather vigil, changing wheels, early meals and loading the car for the journey to Roundhay, well… for another year! A massive thanks must be given to Mandy Parker and her team of volunteers, which makes this all possible. The race nights are just a small part of what goes behind running the season, a huge organisational effort.

Otley has had another very successful year with riders new to the track and race veterans doing well throughout. The most important element has been the sea of Otley Blue, all having loads of fun together and eating Chewits! The margins of victory and defeat are extremely close this year, showing just how competitive grass track racing is. With so many riders covering all the age groups, friends have to slog it out on the track but this makes for interesting viewing by the spectators. For the mini-riders, under 12, they use freewheel bikes and the races include a handicap competition. Some will be moving up to the Fixed wheel section next year, hoping to do just as well as the flyers who are flying the flag for the club already. So the final standings make for good reading, the presentations seeing our riders awash with Medals, Trophies, Shields and Winners Jerseys! Notable results include Annie Chambers as U8 Girls champion, Isobel Wilks as U12 Girls champion and Juvenile Freewheel Overall Girls Champion, Amber Peacock as U10 Girls Handicap Champion, Jack Wilks as U10 Boys Handicap Champion and Poppy Peacock as U12 Girls Handicap Champion.

Freewheel League

U8 Girls
1st Annie Chambers
2nd Amy Hodgkins

U8 Boys
2nd Daniel Middlebrooke

U10 Girls
3rd Charlotte Chambers
4th Amber Peacock

U10 Boys
4th Alex Hodgkins
5th Ruaridh Alyward
7th Jack Wilks

U12 Girls
1st Isobel Wilks
2nd Emily Middlebrooke
4th Poppy Peacock
9th Lilly Cullen

U12 Boys
6th James Luxton

Freewheel Handicap League

U8 Girls
2nd Amy Hodgkins
3rd Annie Chambers

U8 Boys
5th Daniel Middlebrooke

U10 Girls
1st Amber Peacock
2nd Charlotte Chambers

U10 Boys
1st Jack Wilks
5th Alex Hodgkins
7th Ruaridh Alyward

U12 Girls
1st Poppy Peacock
3rd Isobel Wilks
5th Emily Middlebrooke
7th Lilly Cullen

U12 Boys
6th James Luxton

In addition to the Mini Flyers results Otley riders had success in Fixed Wheel.

U14 Girls
1st Eleanor Hunt

U16 Boys
2nd James Allen

Junior Boys
2nd Jonathan Allen
3rd Harry Hunt
4th Toby Kitching

9th Ian Cullen

Well done to all and another thank you to Mandy Parker and her WRTL colleagues for organising the series.

The Champions! Mandy Parker hard at work as usual.