Social Series Ride Reports – Sun 13th August

This week, we were blessed with another glorious Sunday for our Social Series rides and it was great to see many of our regulars out and also a few new faces – welcome to the Club and hope to see you on future outings! Thank you to the ride team for helping the day go so smoothly. You can read the ride leaders’ reports from all of our outings below…

Here’s Sandra’s report on their fun-packed Gentle Ride to Muddy Boots

The half day gentle ride was a beautiful sunny day for myself and the marvelous eight who came along to the Muddy Boots Cafe in Harewood. It was lovely to meet new rider Harry and help him get used to group riding in a small supportive group. Harry had a great time meeting new people learning new techniques and riding on the road for the first time. Thanks to Christine Bell for supporting Harry throughout the ride, Gary Purchon for your excellent back marking skills and pre-ride prep and route check with me the day before, Chris Winters and Hazel for coming along to support Harry’s first ride on the road – all your hard work to make this a fun and relaxing ride for all.

Initially out to Pool, then Arthington with the climb up to enter the Harewood estate. This is where I became back marker with those who chose to walk rather than ride the gravely section (Gary still struggling with the achilles was better riding up) and to be honest a lovely opportunity to chat to Cathy, out for just the second time with OCC and did an amazing ride – it was a pleasure to meet you Cathy!

We were able to see the TV setting for the snowy scene in Victoria…through the trees at Harewood and blessed with sunshine, red kites and the occasional deer. We were able to forgive the route it’s unusually busy roads through Harewood…we coincided with a VW event in the grounds.

Angela's pic

Picture shows us all attempting a “dab” (it was quite hot at this stage) – No excuses guys! Think some have got a little confused with the Usain Bolt pose and Gary at the back, well…Benny Hill comes to mind there!! Whilst Harry has the move “down sweet”, Jacque Geddes made a close silver!

Back to the ride, I personally was pleased to turn into the lovely quiet back road through Weeton, away from the busy roads and gently churn home through our lovely countryside.

Thank you Chris Winters and Inverni Nocciola (H) and Christine for giving your time today to back up the group and add support for Harry’s first ride out. Adding a sprinkling of laughter and craziness!!

David’s Gentle ride out to Muddy Boots Cafe, “My first ride as ride leader…”

This particular ride had been my first ride out with the club, so I took the plunge and put myself forward as lead rider and I couldn’t have asked for a better day. I was supported by Kerri Holmes as back marker, so special thanks there and also given a small group (six in all) to help me on my way – another thank you to the group who made the experience a breeze.

The sun shone, although there was a definite drop in temperature when in the shade of the trees. We headed out to Muddy Boots cafe initially out to Pool, then Arthington with the climb up to Weardley to enter the Harewood estate. Due to the VW Event being on at Harewood the roads around the estate were busier than normal, however, we passed through without incident. We enjoyed a drink and a bite to eat at Muddy Boots Cafe and at this point six became five as Heather needed to return home early. 

Muddy Boots cafe

We headed out to Weeton and Castley, where the roads were busy with cyclists from other clubs and leisure riders. As we were making great time returning towards Otley the group made a unanimous decision to take in the Farnley climb instead of returning via Pool Road.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable ride!

A well earned rest stop

Here’s Mark’s report on the Stretching pootle to Pannal

Gathered at the Buttercross for 9.00am for 9.15 depart. There were six in the A team that took this option, myself Mark Jones as ride guide, Mark Sage as back marker (thank you for volunteering Mark much appreciated), Steve Moncur, Edd, Paul, and Richard. We set off through Otley over the bridge then right and then the steady climb up to Farnley. There were several stops to regroup along the way at various points in the ride.

From Farnley we then rode the hills over to the main road heading towards Beckwithshaw, turned right across some pretty narrow country lanes mainly flat at this point and took our first photo of the day (see below the one in focus!).

Mark's pic from the Stretching ride

We then headed over to Burn Bridge. This is where some would say I took a wrong turn…however my version is that we were early and Christine said in her email to be at the Crimple Hall cafe for 11.00am! The rest of the group would say we were heading for Ripon and that Mark Sage had to catch me up to ask if I knew a different route…I had to admit I had taken a wrong turn and Mark got us back on the right track.

From Burn Bridge we rode through Pannal and left down the Harrogate road to the Crimple Hall cafe. The cafe experience was excellent, with great reviews from Steve Moncur on his Eggs Benedict. Everyone else also sang the cafe praises too. There we met up with Robert who joined us for the return leg back to Otley on his electric bike who sailed past the group on the hills. On the return leg we stopped for a further photo shoot at the top of Weeton looking over to Armscliffe Crag (see blurred photo taken by another cyclist).

Taken by a stranger

From there we headed down into Castley and back along the Pool road to Otley Buttercross.

All arrived back safely with no incidents. A great ride out with a very understanding group when I took them on a detour. Great ride chaps and a great sense of humour. Thank you Mark Sage for back marking and correcting the detour, much appreciated. The group all thought the ride was a good stretching route.

Here’s Angela’s write-up on our Stretching ride to the Cow & Calf

Today’s stretching ride saw a group of seven, Chip, Trish, Isobel, Brian, Andy and myself leave Buttercross for a brisk ride along to Pool and up Creskeld Lane to ride along Yorkgate with clear, far reaching views from both sides of the hilltop, and on to Menston. Despite a headwind making it harder, no one had any problems climbing up Bingley Road and we were soon sweeping along through Burley Woodhead, being mindful of the severe speed bumps.

Angela's Stretching ride

The sun was shining and we decided to try out the Cow & Calf cafe, sitting in the sun with the most magnificent backdrop of the Wharf Valley. It was quick descent from there, for some, and slightly more cautious descent for myself and others which was fortunate as rounding the bend a flock of sheep were blocking the road. The fast boys didn’t seem to have noticed them!

We returned to The Fleece by midday, a bit sooner than expected, for a longer sit in the garden sun-trap with beers and good chatter.

A great summers day, thank you team and thank you Justin for excellent back marking.

And here’s Carol’s account of the Strenuous ride to Thruscross

I enjoyed the company of five very capable riders. Everyone tackled the hills at their own pace and we regrouped at the top. We enjoyed the challenge of the hills and some gravelly descents.

Carol's pic from the farm shop

We were the first customers of the day at the farm shop so we were quickly served except for Chalky’s egg & sausage butty that never made it to the table!

We were back early – this was because it was a small group so we were able to progress at a quicker pace. No major bike issues except for a few mechanicals here and there that the group were able to sort.