Triangle 18. Even closer now…

Triangle Time Trial Series 2017

Actually, ‘even closer’ isn’t 100% accurate as the top two in the table, Steve and Tom Broadley, are equal on points, Tom scoring one more point than dad Steve at the latest Triangle 12 1/2 Thursday 3rd August. Another good night for racing, although numbers were low with only 10 riding, no mechanicals meaning all finished too. And an important date change for the Triangle Awards Supper agreed.

Stuart Newbould, only 2 points behind Tom and 3 behind Steve after the previous week’s Triangle event, was hoping to close that gap but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. Tom took the maximum 6 points and Steve the 5, resulting in them being joint top scorers with 34 points each. Stuart retained his third place but scoring only 2 points on the night meant the gap widened instead.

John Churchman is still on a roll, his 4 points meaning he takes over 4th spot in the table from Tony Wild who wasn’t riding due to marshalling duties. With the fastest ride of the night, a 29:56, Jonathan Hobbs scored 3 points, moving him in to 6th place above Tim Howcroft, also marshalling, and Greg Jessop who rode but didn’t score. Sheldon Howcroft took the last available point.

Points qualifying rides (points in brackets)

Jonathan Hobbs 29:56 (3)

Stuart Newbould 33:22 (2)

Tom Broadley 34:36 (6)

Steve Broadley 34:50 (5)

Claire Jessop 35:21

Greg Jessop 35:55

Sheldon Howcroft 36:43 (1)

John Churchman 39:09 (4)

Non-qualifying rides

Mark Scatchard 30:46

Tim Garwell 30:51

Points standings after Round 18

Steve Broadley 34

Tom Broadley 34

Stuart Newbould 28

John Churchman 21

Tony Wild 20

Jonathan Hobbs 18

Tim Howcroft 16

Greg Jessop 16

James Cullen 14

Sheldon Howcroft 14

Phil Mason 13

Sam Ward 13

Ian Cullen 12

Helen Goldthorpe 12

Tony Bulmer 8

Claire Jessop 8

Liz Hills 7

John Barnett 6

Christine Bell 6

Richard Horgan 6

Dylan Lyons 6

Liam Mealey 6

Christine Thwaite 6

James Allen 5

Gill Arnett 5

Trevor Hatib 5

Paul Luxton 5

John Buddle 4

Michael Kitchen 4

Andrew Bolton 3

Thank you as always to the timekeepers, helpers and marshals.


The ever popular Triangle Series awards supper at The Wharfedale Inn will now be held on Thursday 7th September, a week after the last Triangle event. Start is at 8 pm. Please let Laurie, Sheldon or John know if you’re coming – payment in advance – and if you need vegetarian option.

Tim Howcroft breathing in, trying to impress Triangle Series sponsor Mark Scatchard with his svelteness!

“Hey Greg, I’ve a cunning plan to stop that upstart Tom stealing the title from me!”

Tim Garwell manages to start – and finish – a ride without a mechanical

You won’t be smiling up the mountain Sheldon