Half day social ride reports – 30th July 2017

Chief among the insights from this week’s ride reports is that Brian’s Garmin tells him how much beer he has earned after a ride. What a wondrous world we live in! Although the calibration might need tweaking… if Brian ever does a 100 miler I think he might die from alcohol poisoning.

Less of a revelation was that Mike is lovely bloke – sacrificing his own ride to make sure that a fellow sick rider got home safely. God bless you Mr. Blank 🙂

A 30 mile saunter to Thorner

There was a total deluge just prior to our usual meet-up in Otley and many riders arrived at the health centre RVP in a rather bedraggled state. The weather gods must have been having a bit of fun with us us though, as we soon had the sun on our backs as we set off in the direction of Pool – with Mark leading and Chip back marking a lovely mixed group of 11 for the outward leg of our 30 mile ride to Thorner. The group climbed the sometimes dreaded Creskeld Lane with aplomb and from the summit at Bramhope we headed for Eccup and took the Harrogate Road to the lights at Alwoodley, thus avoiding the dirt track behind the grammar school which had been in our original plan (but we avoided due to the morning’s downpour). We then picked up the pace along Wigton Lane and cruised through Shadwell to reach our decided cafĂ© stop, Delectations in Thorner.

What appears to be a tiny deli with only four seats inside hides a fantastic secret, but please keep it to yourselves! Round the back through a small doorway is a fantastic enclosed garden, which on this occasion had more than enough room for two large Strenuous groups from Otley Cycle Club…and a lovely bunch we met from Selby CC. We probably spent a good 45 minutes in this lovely sun trap, before setting off again. Chris Winters kindly offered to take over from Chip in back marking for the journey home and we were joined by Stuart and his son Oscar from the other Strenuous group, which took our “peloton” up to 13.

We had planned to drop down Black Hill Lane on the way back to Otley, but due to the size of the group and the heavy traffic on Arthington Lane, we thought it would be safer to retrace our steps back to the start of our ride. We all agreed that Creskeld Lane is a whole lot more fun going down! The wind had picked up when we hit the Pool Road and typically, we were cycling right into it. Chip took the lead of one small group, taking the brunt of the wind and quite rightly ticked the rest of us off for not taking turns up front…sorry about that, we won’t do it again! Brian also reaped the benefits of tucking in behind the 6ft+ Justin!

Back at the maypole, we regrouped after our struggle against the wind and Brian took great delight in telling us that his Garmin was indicating that he’d earned 7.5 pints of beer. We’re sure you’ve fiddled the settings there Brian! From here we went our separate ways and those who ventured up to the Fleece for a post-ride drink joined riders from the other Social Series groups and time-triallers to swap tales from the day. We’re not sure if Brian drank his Garmin quota though!

Thank you to everyone who joined us on this ride and to our two back markers – you were a smashing group who made it a real fun ride out.

The Reservoir Run

Matt set off with six adventurous souls on his magical mystery tour of the local highways and byways. On the way out to Farnley, we picked up a stray from the back of the B Section before heading up past the trout farm and Lindley reservoir. We rode on a circuitous route via North Rigton, Beckwithshaw and the outskirts of Harrogate before heading to the farm shop at Cobby Syke.

The return leg brought us back to Otley via Fewston reservoir, Timble and Askwith. Everyone enjoyed the undulating route which may make another appearance in future.

Gentle ride – Eccup and the Donkeys

We had 8 riders for the Gentle Ride to Eccup and Donkey Sanctuary on Sunday including 3 new riders, so we only needed one group. Mark Jones – lead, Steve Lake – back marker, Mike, Ian, William, Jackie, Chris, Edward.

We set off along Pool Road, towards the White Hart pub. Cycled further along that road then turned right just after the Wharfedale pub up Creskeld Lane. It’s a steep climb up towards Bramhope from there, so had planned a few stops so people could catch their breath. All seemed fine and got to the top ok. I set off down to the roundabout near Golden Acre park, turned left then headed up the hill to the top of the road and turned left then right……I had a sneaky feeling there was something wrong, there were only 6 riders with me. There were 2 that were nowhere to be seen. We waited 5 mins and then 2 of the more experienced riders, Mike and Ian, volunteered to ride back and see if they had any trouble with their bikes. Mike suggested I carried on to take the new riders to the destination and they would catch us up or meet us at the cafe. I agreed.

We continued on the ride to Eccup Reservoir and took some photos, and then cycled back to the café at the Donkey Sanctuary. There we met Ian and Steve. We asked where Will and Mike were?

Steve and Ian advised that Will had to stop as he was feeling dizzy and sick, and was white as a sheet, luckily another cyclist from another club Alba Rosa (Chris) stopped to help as she advised she was a first responder. She checked him over and said he seemed ok after a while but advised not to ride his bike or drive. Steve called Will a taxi as he couldn’t ride his bike, Mike then followed the taxi back to Otley, as Will had left his car in Otley.

We took more photos and continued the ride and all returned back to Otley safely. We pulled into Chevin Cycles to close our ride, where Steve took Jackie into Chevin Cycles to see if they could sort out Jackie’s gears as they were sticking in the lower front cog. Within 5 minutes all sorted, so a big thank you to Chevin Cycles! The new riders Jackie, Chris and Edward, all said they had enjoyed the ride and looking forward to coming again. Steve and Ian also said they had had a great ride out too.

Will confirmed he had got home safely and was feeling much better after a coffee and was resting.

A big thank you to Steve Lake as backmarker, looking after Will initially, and Ian Helliwell and Mike Blank returning to support. Also thank you to Mike for seeing Will back to Otley safely… great teamwork!