Triangle 17. Hot at the top

Triangle Time Trial Series 2017

Things are hotting up at the top of the Triangle points table and although only nine Otley riders, out of a total of 13, reported to the timekeeper Thursday 27th July, the virtual Gold, Silver and Bronze contenders were in attendance. No you all three got it all their own way however.

Rain had been the order of the day but it did stop later, providing those who rode with a good evening for time trialling, with some blustery winds later on in the event.

The three leading points contenders, the Broadley’s, Steve and Tom, split by Stuart Newbould, were all in action. Highest scoring was Tom with 4 points, dad Steve scoring 2. Unfortunately, despite being almost 2 1/2 minutes faster than both of them, Stuart didn’t score any points. That’s shuffled things round again.

Obviously on form currently, John Churchman had yet more success to go with the 6 points and the Handicap Award from club 10-mile Champs the previous week, again scoring the maximum 6 points. John’s good form has me bed him to fifth in the table.

The Cullen brothers took the weekly sibling-rivalry points competition, Sheldon and Tim Howcroft not riding (see below), Ian scoring 5, and fastest overall time, and James 1.

Tony Bulmer, only recently returning to the Triangle Series, scored another 3 points.

Numbers were depleted not least because Otley riders have a busy TT weekend ahead. Helen Goldthorpe, Liz Hills, Claire Jessop and Greg Jessop are riding the re-arranged Drighlington BC 10 on the V718 on Saturday 29th July, whilst John Churchman and Justin Dyson are riding another fast 10 course, the L1015 ‘Levens’, in the Pendle Forest CC 10 the same day. The following day Team Swift are running three events concurrently, a 12 hour, a 100 and a 50. Otley riders are taking part in two of those, Phil Mason being our sole representative in the ’12’ and in the 50 we have Liz Hills, Claire Jessop and Sheldon Howcroft.

Spectator numbers rivalling Alpe d’Huez. Well, almost.

Points qualifying rides (points in brackets)

Ian Cullen 30:39 (5)

James Cullen 31:40 (1)

Stuart Newbould 32:43

John Buddle 33:26

Tom Broadley 35:05 (4)

Steve Broadley 35:07 (2)

Tony Wild 35:57

Tony Bulmer 38:31 (3)

John Churchman 39:09 (6)

Non-qualifying rides

Adrian Jones 30:58

Mark Scatchard 31:08

Aamir Aslam 37:53

Tim Garwell was a non-starter after puncturing.

Points standing after Round 17

Steve Broadley 29

Tom Broadley 28

Stuart Newbould 26

Tony Wild 20

John Churchman 17

Tim Howcroft 16

Greg Jessop 16

Jonathan Hobbs 15

James Cullen 14

Sheldon Howcroft 13

Phil Mason 13

Sam Ward 13

Ian Cullen 12

Helen Goldthorpe 12

Tony Bulmer 8

Claire Jessop 8

Liz Hills 7

John Barnett 6

Christine Bell 6

Richard Horgan 6

Dylan Lyons 6

Liam Mealey 6

Christine Thwaite 6

James Allen 5

Gill Arnett 5

Trevor Hatib 5

Paul Luxton 5

John Buddle 4

Michael Kitchen 4

Andrew Bolton 3

Thanks of course to the timekeepers, helpers and marshals.