Triangle 16. They’re back…..

Triangle Time Trial Series 2017

That’s the traffic lights, not the Broadley Boys, who have gone to visit Le Tour, probably to pick up some tips from Chris Froome on climbing and time-trialling, useful when combined to shave off seconds on the Pool Triangle.

Regarding the traffic lights, if paranoia is creeping in then that’s understandable. With the club 50 and 100 Championships affected by roadworks, the same ones resulting in James Cullen having to move the Open 50 to another course, and traffic lights on the Triangle itself several times this year one might believe someone’s got it in for us. The new lights appeared at the mini roundabout in Pool, making a difficult junction even more complicated.

Nevertheless, the customary 12 1/2 went ahead Thursday 20th July with some significant points scoring meaning the battle is really on now.

Maximum points were scored by James Cullen, delighted in taking the 6 points, gloating when posting a picture of the the results on Facebook with “Results from tonight’s Triangle. I may get this pic framed. Six points and a comprehensive crushing of all available Howcrofts. It doesn’t get any better!” Steady James, The Howcroft Revengd may be just around the corner! 5 points went to an on-form Greg Jessop and the 4 to relatively new Triangle rider Richard Horgan. Jonathan Hobbs took the 3 points and the final single point went to Sam Ward.

But what of the 2 points? Well, they went to Stuart Newbould and are significant as they move him into second place in the points standings, 1 point above Tom Broadley and only 1 point behind points leader Steve Broadley.

Fastest Otley rider and fastest rider overall was again Sam Ward in 28:25. Claire Jessop was the only Otley woman riding, recording 35:37, while guest rider Lily Greenalgh recoded 33:23. Fastest guest rider overall was Neil Buckley with 29:33. Good to see series sponsor Mark Scatchard of MAS Design back at the Triangle too.

Points qualifying rides (points in brackets)

Sam Ward 28:25 (1)

Jonathan Hobbs 30:24 (3)

James Cullen 31:33 (6)

Tim Howcroft 31:46

Richard Horgan 33:02 (4)

Stuart Newbould 33:06 (2)

Greg Jessop 34:57 (5)

Claire Jessop 35:37

Tony Wild 36:34

Sheldon Howcroft 37:02

Non-qualifying rides

Neil Buckley 29:33

Stephen Lloyd 30:34

Tim Garwell 31:16

Mick Greenalgh 31:42

Lily Greenalgh 33:23

Mark Scatchard 33:57

Points standings after Round 15

Steve Broadley 27

Stuart Newbould 26

Tom Broadley 24

Tony Wild 20

Tim Howcroft 16

Greg Jessop 16

Jonathan Hobbs 15

James Cullen 13

Sheldon Howcroft 13

Phil Mason 13

Sam Ward 13

Helen Goldthorpe 12

John Churchman 11

Claire Jessop 8

Ian Cullen 7

Liz Hills 7

John Barnett 6

Christine Bell 6

Richard Horgan 6

Dylan Lyons 6

Liam Mealey 6

Christine Thwaite 6

Gill Arnett 5

Tony Bulmer 5

Trevor Hatib 5

Paul Luxton 5

James Allen 5

John Buddle 4

Michael Kitchen 4

Andrew Bolton 3

Thank you of to the timekeepers, helpers and marshals. Have you marshalled yet?