Triangle 14 & 15 – Who are The Champions?

Triangle Time Trial Series 2017

Two Championships were to be decided over two consecutive events recently, the Hilly 14 on Thursday 13th and the 10 on Tuesday 18th July.

Although we reported the 13th Triangle event of the season was lucky for some, the Hilly 14 Championships on the 13th – are you following this? – were unlucky for all.

The race started in good conditions and the scene was set for a tight race. Unfortunately, an accident involving a motorcycle and a car on Norwood Edge – see Wharfedale Observer report – meant the race had to be abandoned, with the riders having to return to the finish along the gated road via Lindley Bridge. At least Helen Goldthorpe was appreciative, enjoying the scenic route and at last discovering where that scenic road goes. Every cloud…

Sadly, because permission to hold the event later in the year can’t now be obtained – our club events have to be sanctioned by Cycling Time Trials under their Regulations – no Hilly 14 Champions will be crowned this season.

Is that former Banesto rider and 5-times TdF rider Miguel Indurain?

So, on to the 10-mile Championships on the familiar A168 near Boroughbridge. Another good night but Triangle Series supremo Sheldon reports a brisk wind made it hard going both ways. Nothing new there then.

Fastest time of the night was 22:56 from Tim Howcroft, earning him the club Championship plus 4 points too. Women’s Champion is Claire Jessop who recorded 26:22 and also took 3 points.

John Churchman took the Handicap award with 21:10 (29:50 less 8:40 handicap) and the maximum 6 points, just reward for John’s dedication to the club, particularly over recent weeks when acting as chief marshal for our Open 50 and marshaling several times at the Triangle.

The Under 16 award went to James Wordsworth with an excellent 23:35. Megan Cullen took the Under 16 Handicap award with 22:07 (27:19 less 5:12 handicap).

(The two U16 awards are based on one rider, one prize rule).

The other points winners were Tony Bulmer with 5, his first of the season, Greg Jessop with 2 and Ian Cullen 1.

Points qualifying rides (points in brackets)

Tim Howcroft 22:56 (4)

Jonathan Hobbs 23:32

James Wordsworth 23:35

Robbie Pollard 23:54

Ian Cullen 24:30 (1)

James Cullen 24:56

Phil Mason 25:42

Stuart Newbould 25:44

Liam Mealey 26:12

Claire Jessop 26:22 (3)

John Buddle 26:34

Helen Goldthorpe 26:47

Megan Cullen 27:19

Greg Jessop 27:23 (2)

Tony Wild 27:51

Sheldon Howcroft 28:09

Tony Bulmer 29:35 (5)

John Churchman 29:50 (6)

Non-qualifying rides

Joe Howcroft 23:14

Points standings after Rounds 14 & 15

Steve Broadley 27

Tom Broadley 24

Stuart Newbould 24

Tony Wild 20

Tim Howcroft 16

Sheldon Howcroft 13

Phil Mason 13

Helen Goldthorpe 12

Jonathan Hobbs 12

Sam Ward 12

John Churchman 11

Greg Jessop 11

Claire Jessop 8

Ian Cullen 7

James Cullen 7

Liz Hills 7

John Barnett 6

Christine Bell 6

Dylan Lyons 6

Liam Mealey 6

Christine Thwaite 6

Gill Arnett 5

Tony Bulmer 5

Trevor Hatib 5

Paul Luxton 5

James Allen 4

John Buddle 4

Michael Kitchen 4

Rauri Waterworth 4

Andrew Bolton 3

Richard Horgan 2

Thank you as always to the timekeepers, helpers and marshals. There’s still time to marshal too before the series ends.