Club 50 Championship Saturday 1st July

The club 50 Championship takes place Saturday 1st July, incorporated in the Yorkshire Cycling Federation Open 50 being held on the V259/1 course near Thirsk.

Five rider from Otley are taking part, chasing three club Championships.

  • 50 Mile Time Trial Championship
  • 50 Mile TT Championship Women
  • 50 Mile Time Trial Handicap

The riders and their handicaps are as follows.

James Cullen. Scratch

Claire Jessop. 13.50

Steve Broadley. 18.00

Helen Goldthorpe. 23.00

Liz Hills. 37.00

Good luck to all five.

After the 50, the next Championship to be held will be the Hilly 14 on Thursday 13th July, starting near Farnley.