Leaving the Tarmac behind

A happy and successful team!

Sometimes, it’s good to be able to get off the roads, leaving the traffic and the poor surfaces behind. Grasstrack and cyclo-cross are ideal for that, although the surface can sometimes be as challenging as on the roads. But at least there are no vehicles to contend with when avoiding holes on the course!


Sometimes affected by the weather – and more recently by some Triathlon in Leeds – fortunately Round 5 of the 2017 West Riding Track League (WRTL) went ahead Monday 19th June.

Results courtesy on the WRTL Facebook page. Otley riders results as follows.


Amber Peacock had a 3rd and a 4th place in the two Group 3&4 Girls races along with Charlotte Chambers a 4th and a 5th, Amy Hodgkins a 5th and an 8th and Annie Chambers two 7th places.

The Boys Group 3&4 races saw Ruaridh Aylward placed 2nd twice and Daniel Middlebrooke placed 6th and 7th.

In the three Group 1&2 Girls events Emily had a 1st, a 2nd and a 3rd, Poppy Peacock racing to a 2nd and two 4ths. Isobel Wilks won the only Group 1&2 race she finished as she was injured in the first race when another rider in the first race caught her back wheel and the following rider ran over her. Isobel now sports a row of teeth marks from the following rider’s chain wheel. Fortunately, first aid patched her up and she got back on her bike for more races.

Alex Hodgkins rode two of the Group 1&2 Boys events, finishing 8th and 9th. Jack Wilks  raced three and finished with two 10ths and an 11th.

Alex Hodgkins finished 5th in the Group 1&2 Devil, with Emily Middlebrooke and Poppy Peacock finishing equal 6th.

Freewheel Handicap 

Only one set of results for the boys as the Group 1&2 Boys Handicap was declared a bunch finish. Daniel Middlebrooke finished 8th and Ruaridh Aylward 9th in the Group 3&4 Boys.

in the girls races, Amy Hodgkins was 2nd in Group 3&4 followed by Amber Peacock in 5th, Charlotte Chambers 7th and Annie Chambers 10th while in Group 1&2 Isobel Wilks was 2nd, Poppy Peacock 3rd and Emily Middlebrooke 5th.

Freewheel Time Trial

Isobel Wilks 22.4

Emily Middlebrooke 23.18

Alex Hodgkins 24.05

James Luxton 24.4

Poppy Peacock 24.45

Jack Wilks 25.7

Lilly Cullen 26.87

Daniel Middlebrooke 28.29

Charlotte Chambers 28.35

Amber Peacock 31.55

Annie Chambers 36.5

Amy Hodgkins 43.5

Fixed Wheel

Eleanor Hunt was our sole representative in the Fixed Wheel races and finished with three wins, in Group D & Women, Women’s/Girls Sprint and Women’s Handicap, plus 9th in the Unknown Distance and 10th in the Devil.

Saturday 24th June was National British Schools Grass Track Championship at the annual York Rally on The Knavesmire adjacent to York Racecourse and many of our Future Stars were there to pick up the spoils. Rob Wilks was also there and here’s his report and photographs.

A Day At York Races

It wasn’t a day watching the horses, but the minis were representing their schools in the British Schools Cycling Association (BSCA) National and Regional Grass attack championships. A very well organised event by East Bradford CC, all the volunteers captained by Mandy Parker – a big thank you goes to all the helpers.

The track had been set out on a field and apart from the grass being slightly shorter than the rest the of the grass, it was rough and ready! Everyone commented on just how good the track is at Roundhay, it made us appreciate the facility even more. The other major factor was the wind, which was strong and blowing across the track. There were Otley riders in all the age categories from U7 through to Over 15. All age groups had a three race omnium, made up of a sprint, pursuit/ TT and longer race. The track proved a real leveller and certainly tested the robustness of their bikes, but the Otley riders proved their mettle and came away with some excellent results. The best part of the day was just having fun as a team, it’s amazing how a big hole and cut grass can cause hours of entertainment! The only disappointment of the day was the behaviour of some non-Otley parents, using abusive language towards their children – there’s just no place for it ever. It didn’t dampen our day though and we got some bargains at the trade stands too!

U7 girls:
1st Isla Aylward (National & Yorkshire Champion) – All Saints

U9 girls:
4th National / 3rd Regional Charlotte Chambers – Whartons
5th National / 4th Regional Amber Peacock – Whartons
6th National / 5th Regional Annie Chambers – Whartons
7th National / 6th Regional Amy Hodgkins – All Saints
(Charlotte, Amber & Annie Also got the Team Prize for Whartons Primary School

U9 Boys:
4th Ruaridh Aylward – All Saints
8th Daniel Middlebrooke – All Saints

U11 Girls:
3rd National / 1st Regional Isobel Wilks (Yorkshire Champion) – Westgate
4th National / 3rd Regional Emily Middlebrooke – All Saints
6th National / 4th Regional Poppy Peacock – Whartons

U11 Boys:
3rd Alex Hodgkins – All Saints
4th Jack Wilks – Westgate

U13 Boys:
1st George Radcliffe – Horsforth
DNF Mark Sansom (Kudos to Mark who took part in grass track for the first time on his under-geared mountaian bike – He’ll be back!) – Guiseley School

U15 Girls:
1st Elanor Hunt (National & Yorkshire Champion) – Ilkley Grammar

Over 15 Boys:
1st Harry Hunt (National & Yorkshire Champion) – Ilkley Grammar
2nd Thomas Radcliffe – Horsforth


Despite it seeming that summer has come and gone, the 2017 Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross Association (YCCA) Summer Series carries unabated. The latest two rounds were Round 4 at Leeds Bike Hub at Middleton Park on Wednesday 7th June and Round 5 on Wednesday 21st June at Thorns Junior Football Club in Ossett. These two points scoring rounds were followed by a non-points scoring event at York Rally on Sunday 25th June. Otley CC riders were, as always, competing in these three events, with new member Ben Houlihan getting some high placings, including wins. Results as follows.

7th June

Under 14

Max Hilton Green MU8 81st overall, 8th category.

Ben Houlihan MU14 3rd overall, 3rd in category.

Over 14

Tim Howcroft MV45 66th overall, 18th category

James Cullen MV50 107th overall, 18th category.

21st June

Under 14

Max Hilton Green MU8 76th overall, 5th category.

Ben Houlihan MU14 1st overall, 1st category.

Over 14

Peter Middlemiss MV50 94th overall, 20th category.

25th June


Ben Houlihan MU14 6th overall, 1st category.

Dexter Leeming-Sykes MU14 14th overall, 8th category.

Photograph of Dexter at York courtesy of David Leeming-Sykes.