Triangle 10 & 11 – a game of two halves

Triangle Time Trial Series 2017

This week saw once again saw the series doubling up. The first half was a 15 out on the A168, the second a return to the familiar ground of the Pool Triangle 12 1/2.

The 15 was held Tuesday 20th June on a pleasant but warm evening. With only 12 Otley riders taking part, plus one guest, the points could have been anyone’s. But, shock-horror, not Steve Broadley’s for once. Coming-to-form Tim Howcroft took the maximum 6 points, his first for 2017, with the fastest ride of the night. His ride in the National TTT Championship at the weekend obviously did him no harm. Tom Broadley upheld the Broadley points scoring tradition to take 5. On the night, Tom closed the gap on his dad to 2 points in the table. Occasional Triangle Series points adjudicator Stuart Newbould scored 4. Tony-san Wild scored 3 points, Tim Howcroft’s TTT teammate James Cullen 2 and Claire Jessop, again not seeming to suffer too many after effects of riding the TTT Champs, claimed the last point, although one of Claire’s teammates from Sunday, Helen Goldthorpe, did have an uncharacteristically slow ride on the night.

Points qualifying rides (points in brackets)

Tim Howcroft 36:44 (6)

James Cullen 37:43 (2)

Stuart Newbould 40:01 (4)

Claire Jessop 40:39 (1)

Tom Broadley 41:37 (5)

Steve Broadley 43:06

Tony Wild 43:07 (3)

Sheldon Howcroft 43:44

Helen Goldthorpe 44:49

Non-qualifying rides

Tim Garwell (guest) 37:36

Robert Garnett (OCC) 42:48 *

Alan Garnett (OCC) 43:09 *

Tony Bulmer (OCC) 45:20 *

* Although Robert, Alan and Tony are Otley CC members they haven’t ridden the Pool Triangle course in 2017 from which handicaps are calculated.

Thursday 22nd June was time for the 12 1/2 with a total of 22 riders. Triangle weather forecaster Jon Sharpe had predicted earlier in the day via, a wind tracking service for cyclists, a headwind up The Mountain, making the hardest part of the course even harder. On the night it was a headwind down Riffa, reducing most riders speeds to below 20mph, the saving grace being a very fast ride east along the A659 to the left turn at the bottom of Harewood Bank.

The maximum 6 points went to Tony Wild, making it a 9 pointer week for him after scoring 3 on Tuesday. Phil Mason took the 5 points with Greg Jessop next on 4. Liz Hills, the only woman in the points, scored 3. Sole Broadley family representative in the points was again Tom with 2, bringing him level with dad Steve, and Stuart Newbould secured the 1. Only 4 seconds separated the top 4 handicap times.

More points for the Broadley Boys Bank

Fastest Otley rider and fastest overall was Jon Sharpe with an excellent 29:49. However, ‘owing’ 16 seconds handicap meant Jon still wasn’t in the points prompting him to ask on Facebook “What’s a boy got to do to score some points around here?!!” Probably a 28 Jon! Fastest Otley woman was Claire Jessop in 34:14 with guest rider Vicky Jowett fastest woman with 31:53.

Points qualifying rides (points in brackets)

Jon Sharpe 29:49

Jonathan Hobbs 30:47

James Cullen 31:31

Phil Mason 32:21 (5)

Liam Mealey 33:27

Stuart Newbould 33:47 (1)

Claire Jessop 34:14

John Buddle 34:34

Greg Jessop 35:20 (4)

Tom Broadley 35:27 (2)

Steve Broadley 35:31

Helen Goldthorpe 35:55

John Barnett 36:03

Tony Wild 36:24 (6)

Liz Hills 37:37 (3)

Gill Arnett 37:39

John Churchman 41:29

Non-qualifying rides

Stephen Lloyd 30:37

Tim Dodkin 31:01

Richard Horgan 33:20

John Hallas 35:28

Thank you as always to the timekeeper, helpers and marshals. Still plenty of time to marshal!

Points standings after Rounds 10 & 11

“Let me get this complicated mathematical equation correct…”

Steve Broadley 24

Tom Broadley 24

Stuart Newbould 18

Tony Wild 15

Phil Mason 13

Helen Goldthorpe 12

Jonathan Hobbs 9

Sheldon Howcroft 9

Gregg Jessop 9

James Cullen 7

Liz Hills 7

John Barnett 6

Christine Bell 6

Ian Cullen 6

Tim Howcroft 6

Dylan Lyons 6

Liam Mealey 6

Christine Thwaite 6

Sam Ward 6

Gill Arnett 5

John Churchman 5

James Allen 4

John Buddle 4

Claire Jessop 4

Michael Kitchen 4

Paul Luxton 4

Rauri Waterworth 4

Andrew Bolton 3