Triangle 9. Club 25-mile Championships. A night for Champions

Triangle Time Trial Series 2017

The Club 25-mile Championships were held Thursday 15 June. It certainly was a night for Champions with three awards to be decided and an appearance by none other than double Olympic Champion Alistair Brownlee.

However, an incident involving one of our members, James Allen, made it an evening where results and awards became secondary at the time.

It’s good to be able to report that after being involved in an accident at Rigton Crossroads both James and his dad Martin have confirmed that he is ok.

James Allen

James has posted on Facebook “I’d like to say thank you to everyone who helped me last night. It was much appreciated​. Luckily no bones were broken and I should be on the bike again soon!”

Dad Martin has said “His bike is a mess but he seems to have been very lucky and is talking about which better bike he can get next.

He was really excited that Alistair Brownlee was there and a big thank you to Liz Hills and Tim Howcroft who stopped and also the surgeon who stopped on his way home from work, the jogger who stopped and helped and the two ladies in the car who stopped and helped”.

To reiterate, thank you to all who stopped, to the emergency services who were there so quickly and to Claire Jessop and Stephen Lloyd who travelled by car to give support. (Please remember that information regarding any accidents or incidents where the emergency services are called or members of the public are involved during a club run or event should be sent to The information should include dates, where, when and names. That helps in answering enquiries that are made after the event).

As well as the usual points on offer, there were three Championships to decide on what was a windy and in places a very wet night. Some riders also ride just the one lap.

Our overall 25 Champion is Sam Ward who posted the fastest time on the night by an Otley CC rider of 1:00:34. Helen Goldthorpe is Women’s 25 Champion in 1:11:14 and Handicap Champion is Steve Broadley with a handicap time of 54:48 (actual time 1:11:50, 17:02 handicap). Steve had also ridden a 25 TT five days before, the Yorkshire Road Club 25 on the V235 where he recorded 1:09:09. Congratulations to our first champions of 2017!

In the points competition – awarded on the 25-mile rides only – Steve Broadley increased his lead in the points standings even more by scoring the maximum 6 points with Stuart Newbould taking the 5. Keeping it in the family, Tom Broadley scored 4 points, Liam Mealey 3, James Cullen 2 and sporting his new skinsuit, Phil Mason took the final point.

And that ride by Alistair Brownlee? Adam Robinson of Team KTM UK had challenged Alistair to come and ride the 25 after his win at the 2017 Columbia Threadneedle World Triathlon Series Leeds to see who really was fastest on the bike. In the end, Alistair came out on top by over 2 1/2 minutes, recording a fantastic 52:07 – a record for two laps of the Triangle – against Adam’s 54:41. In fact, Alistair’s second lap time of 25:40 equalled Jon Clay’s 12 1/2 record set in 2000. An honour to have Alistair ride the event and we thank Adam for making it happen and hope one reward for him will be soon to break that 1-lap record.

Points qualifying 25-mile rides (points in brackets)

Sam Ward 1:00:34

Jon Sharpe 1:01:51

Jonathan Hobbs 1:03:40

James Cullen 1:05:16 (2)

Ian Cullen 1:05:19

Liam Mealey 1:07:47 (3)

Phil Mason 1:08:02 (1)

Stuart Newbould 1:08:25 (5)

Helen Goldthorpe 1:11:14

John Buddle 1:11:36

Steve Broadley 1:11:50 (6)

Tom Broadley 1:12:25 (4)

Sheldon Howcroft 1:15:26

John Barnett 1:15:46

Non-qualifying 25-mile rides.

Alistair Brownlee 52:07

Adam Robinson 54:41

Joe Howcroft 1:03:12

12 1/2 mile rides

Max McMurdo 28:46

Fraser Rounds 28:50

Neil Buckley 29:32

Richmond Denton 30:03

Mick Lawrenson 31:25

Tim Howcroft 33:05 *

Richard Horgan 34:11

Claire Jessop 35:30 **

James Allen 37:06 ***

Michael KItchen 38:40

Liz Hills 39:19 *

* Liz and Tim stopped to help James on their second lap.

** Claire was on the start sheet to do the 2 laps but opted to only do one instead. Claire had already ridden the Team Swift 10 on the V718 the night before recording 23:27, a 25.5mph ride. Chapeau Claire!

*** James was on his second lap when he had his accident.

Thank you to the timekeeper, helpers and marshals who were out much longer than usual. And as usual, marshals always required!

Points standing after Round 9

Steve Broadley 24

Tom Broadley 17

Stuart Newbould 13

Helen Goldthorpe 12

Jonathan Hobbs 9

Sheldon Howcroft 9

Phil Mason 8

John Barnett 6

Christine Bell 6

Ian Cullen 6

Dylan Lyons 6

Liam Mealey 6

Christine Thwaite 6

Sam Ward 6

Tony Wild 6

Gill Arnett 5

John Churchman 5

James Cullen 5

Greg Jessop 5

James Allen 4

John Buddle 4

Liz Hills 4

Paul Luxton 4

Michael Kitchen 4

Rauri Waterworth 4

Andrew Bolton 3

Claire Jessop 3

Alistair Brownlee close-up and start photograph courtesy of Christine Bell and Brian Keighley. Photographs on the road courtesy of Carolyn Nelson and Stephen Lloyd,