2017 Club 50 Championships 1st July

The club 50 Championships take place 1st July, incorporated in the Yorkshire Cycling Federation (YCF) open 50-mile Time Trial.

As this is an open event you must enter in advance via the Cycling Time Trials (CTT) website here. Entries on the line are not allowed. The closing date and time is Tuesday 20th June at 23:59.

As with the club 25 Championships, there are three Champions to be crowned:

  • 50 Mile Time Trial Championship
  • 50 Mile TT Championship Women
  • 50 Mile Time Trial Handicap

PLEASE NOTE: You must inform the club racing secretary John Barnett otleycycleclubracesec@gmail.com if you enter the event with details of previous times at the distance or nearest. This will ensure all riders and times are recorded to decide the three Champions and also, for the handicap award, allow handicaps to be calculated.