Social Series Ride Reports – 4th June 2017

Apparently 23 OCC riders took part in Skipton CC’s excellent Le Petit Depart sportive on Sunday, so numbers at the Buttercross were a little depleted, but we still had 5 half day social series rides go out, not to mention the A’s, B’s and Inters! The weather flattered to deceive, but banter and cycling was good honest stuff.

A big thank you goes out to Hazel for leading a ride for the first time!

Stretching Ride to Bolton Abbey

Hazel’s report…

This was my 1st ride leading so I was a bit nervous I was going to take the group the wrong way and end up somewhere silly like Blackpool.  But with my Goose (Chris Winters) on my right shoulder and back marker (Michael Lideard) we got to Bolton Abbey and back without any mishaps, except for a bird pooping on Chris’s finger (snigger).

We had 2 new lovely ladies joining our group (Jill and Janette) who were fit cyclists who didn’t want to stop at the top of any hills.  I think these ladies may be future goatees (watch this space).

View from cafe

Stretching ride to Roundhay

Christine’s report…

This time we had a huge number of people wanting to do the Roundhay Ride so rather than have a massive group to annoy the car drivers we broke into two groups and I took the second group and the game of Cat and Mouse continued for the whole ride!

Big sky

We welcomed Will and Nel, friends of Mark Sage, on their first club ride – hope you enjoyed the ride and will be back. We were also joined by Isobel, Paul, Adrian and Greg. Thanks to Mark for back marking and Paul for excellent calling out of cars ahead and behind.

It was a beautiful day and we stopped to appreciate the view at Surprise View and once randomly around Eccup because the clouds and the sky were just so epic. After all this admiring we still managed to catch Graham’s group and we gathered together for the obligatory group photograph.

We met the others again in Paradise (also known as Tropical World café) and enjoyed our coffee stop in the sunshine before a return to Leeds on a variety of back rounds and an agreement to avoid the long stretch of Arthington Road . A fun morning of pretty roads, a bit of climbing and fun company.

Gentle Wharfedale Wanderer

Kerri’s report…

Today I took the gentle group for a bit of an Urban Adventure round Menston, Guiseley and Bramhope. The day was bright and clear and offered some wonderful views from the top of Carlton Lane and from Surpise View. There were 5 of us in total making a nice and pleasant group. This was my first time ride leading for a while and I really do have to thank my group for their patience in me getting lost round Menston and missing a few turnings but everyone was extremely kind. My sense of direaction wasn’t helped either by my Garmin deciding to have a Sunday melt down for the bits I couldn’t remember….moral of the story….do not rely on technology 😳😳.

The sun really came out shining whilst climbing up Carlton Lane and the Yorkshire put on her best display of wonderful views. This part of the ride was only sadly dampened by the attitude of one driver who for reasons best known to herself decided to overtake a group of cyclists on a blind bend only to almost end up in a head on collision with an on-coming car. Not only could this have proved dangerous for her but also caused us to have to slam on breaks hard to prevent a cyclist pile up. However…I am guessing she wasn’t expecting the wrath of the other driver coming in the opposite direction to which we were spectators to. In the end….the driver achieved nothing other than a lucky near miss and hopefully some ear ache from the other driver which she will go home and mull over.

Following a Christine special “pointless loop” round Bramhope we went to High Trees Garden centre for breakfast and lovely conversation. We set off just as the rain started, so the boil-in-the-bags were brought out. We did get caught in some traffic leaving the car boot sale but were soon on our way again. We called in at Surprise View on top of the Chevin for a perfect photo opportunity only for us to endure another encounter with the public who seemed to take against a group of cyclists but the views made up for it. Our return down the Chevin put all breaks to the test but thankfully we all made it down in one piece. Thank you so much to Shaun for your back marking and for the rest of the group for putting up with my loss of sense of direction.

Another stretch to Roundhay

Graham’s report…
The stretching ride to Roundhay was over-subscribed this week, so we split into two. Whilst Christine faffed (sorry – gave her team talk 😉 ) the six of us set off up West Chevin Road. The only real climb of the day came straight out of the starting blocks and caught a couple of our number unawares, but we had a rest and some sugar and all was well. Rob of course didn’t need sugar as he had electricity to help him. It’s hard not to be disconcerted when he  cruises serenely past  without a huff or a puff!

Once at the top we undulated eastwards. At Eccup reservoir Pam became our official nurse for the day as she came forth with further medication (having supplied the sugar earlier)when some pain killers were required – thanks Pam 🙂

Our stop meant that we bumped into Christine’s group at the reservoir, and we met again in Tropical World cafe,  where the sun burst forth and enabled an alfresco coffee. Cloud cover then reappeared to remind us that whilst tropical, it wasn’t quite a paradise!

We split again on the way back, and our group chose to retrace our steps on the quieter roads around Eccup. Three of  our number chose to make their own way home to Cookridge rather than dropping down to Otley again, and only two of us reached the sparsely populated Fleece beer garden.
Thanks to Dave and Rob for sharing the back marking.