Half day social ride reports 21st May 2017

Well it sounds like there were a lovely bunch of rides that went out on Sunday. Some familiar haunts and some new faces. Thanks muchly to our ride volunteers that make it all happen and spread the love of social cycling – particularly Pam who led a ride for the first time!

It sounds like a bit of defending of cyclists’ rights went on too…

Strenuous ride to Buffers

Pam’s report…

My first attempt at ride leading with a brand new garmin, luckily we all knew the route so the risk of us getting lost was minimal, we were half way along Weston Lane before I thought a head count might be in order….oops, don’t think we lost anyone in the first half mile.

Count them…7

We made good time through Askwith, (where Justin very kindly took the brunt of the head wind for a little while )and on to the back roads past the golf club to Beamsley, a quick risk of life and limb across the A59 and we were on our way up to Storiths. It was fabulous to see how green everything was looking after the recent rains and our speedy outward journey earned us an extra 10 minutes sat in the sunny yard waiting for them to open.

Apply Chalke to your tube.

We watched a demonstration from Andrew Chalke on how to repair a puncture and admired the one week old calf in the barn.Refreshments were ordered and a quick political debate later we were on our way again.
Down hill to pass over the ford  (nobody fell in) on to the Cavendish Pavilions where we had a quick chat with another Otley group, and then we were on our way home. Just the minor matter of Langbar to deal with, of course we all sailed up, well maybe not quite but no one got off or stopped and for two of the group it was their first successful ascent on the difficult side so we impressed ourselves, and that is all that matters.
One more puncture near Middleton, a grumpy Range Rover driver on Weston lane and we were home and dry.

Thanks to Andrew Chalke for back marking.

Stretching Ride to Fewston

Jill’s report…

Up, up and away we went from the Buttercross to Briscoe Ridge where the first shout of “Are we there yet?” was heard. The obligatory headwind caught us on Broad Dubb Road but the several clouds of horse flies meant that we pressed on quickly to Cobby Syke Farm shop.
Always good value, today it didn’t disappoint. There was however some confusion along the lines of  “so… you would like a white coffee?”   “No… a black coffee with milk please”. It might be some time before we are welcomed back!
Unusually, the morning seemed to get chillier as time went on so we welcomed a couple more warming hills which tested the legs on the way back before the lovely descent back into the valley and meeting up with the other groups at the Fleece.
Thanks to Chip and Phil for sharing the backmarking and a lovely group of supportive riders.

Gentle ride to Muddy Boots at Harewood

Steve’s report…

Large turnout at Buttercross led us to split into 2 Gentle groups with quite a few newbies which was excellent .  After agreeing with Christine that her gentle group would set off first we waited until they’d finished faffing then we set off to follow them along Pool Road 😉
An incident free ride into the grounds of Harewood was only made more enjoyable by witnessing the bollocking that a motorcyclist (rightly) got from Clare – you don’t mess with the Gentle Riders on our watch .

The guillotine shot…

Into the grounds of Harewood to hear a small explosion as Sheila’s tire/tube/bike exploded , a “quick” repair was on the cards until we realised that Sheila’s spare tube that we’d just repaired her puncture with already had a puncture , so off it came again then we hit the road !
Some very inquisitive deer made the “off-piste” section more enjoyable followed by the always decent coffee and bacon roll stop .
An incident free ride home hopefully encourage our newbies to join us again very soon

Another Gentle ride to Muddy Boots

Christine’s report…

There were a lot of people seeking the gentle option this week – the delights of Harewood and Muddy Boots had attracted some and a relaxed easy route with few hills had attracted others. So we broke into two groups and after a “proper” briefing (yes Steve, we were not just faffing!) we set off along the Pool Road and meandered by the Fishing Ponds for a good photo opportunity. We broke up into two smaller groups on the Arthington road which helped to keep the wrath of the angry motorist at bay, however we did have a motorcyclist try and mix it up with us at a junction and our back marker Clare gave him a strongly worded guidance for future riding with cyclists.

It was a relief as ever to get off the main road and head towards Harewood. We enjoyed watching the deers on the estate and Greg really enjoyed getting mud all over his brake callipers!

A warm welcome at Muddy Boots and we enjoyed our coffee outside in the company of the other group and Hazel and Chris, who were on their own ride. Richard (rejoining the club after 20 years) returned with our group hoping for a quick return but we had forgotten to warn him about the special  pointless loop to visit the Gargoyles, this allowed the other group to overtake us!

By agreement we took the hilly route home via Farnley – there was no pressure at all from me, it was all Tess’s suggestion! We enjoyed a relaxing time back at the Fleece in the river garden.

A lovely ride and a warm welcome to the club to our newer riders Tess, Richard, Harry and Greg – hope you will come back again. Many thanks to Claire for stepping in to back mark.