Social Series Ride reports 7th May 2017

Another fine day and a good turnout last Sunday. A big thank you goes to Mark for successfully organising all the rides for the first time – grand job!

Unfortunately the ride reports are a bit thin on the ground, so you’ll have to use your imagination for some of the rides. To aid you in this endeavour I’ve thrown in an anonymous write-up sent to me by fairies in the night. Enjoy!

Stretching to Pannal

Ruth’s report…

Today’s stretching was one of our loveliest rides out to Pannal.  It works as a ride because it’s so quiet and pretty, plus all the hills are in part 1. This means that you can have great food at Christian’s and not have stomach pains in part 2. Also the group keep believing you that there’s only one more hill for the first section and you don’t have to tackle their hard bitten cynicism for the second half.
Lovely group today and a good pace. No hiccups. Thank you to Mark Jones for backmarking and for everyone’s easy company.

Strenuous Ride to Muddy Boots cafe at Harewood

Christine’s report…

Our strenuous group was a good mix of 9 riders, all looking forward to stretching their legs on some hills. The climb up to Surprise View was done in style and we easily got to the top of this climb. The mountain goats would be proud as there was no moaning about the climb at all! The rest of our ride was uneventful, a few minor hill climbs and some very questionable house designs.

We paused to admire some Red Kites that were descending on prey very near to us, magnificent birds at this close distance. I used this pause to warn the group of the impending peril of a ford and the option of a foot bridge for any ford phobics. The group were somewhat disappointed that the lack of Yorkshire rain meant the ford was just a bit of a puddle and not the fast flowing spectacular that they were so looking forward to. With no further incidents we made to Muddy Boots and were met by our youngest member Freya who enjoyed some cuddle time with other cyclists.

On the return to Otley we had the experience of the Arthington Road and Justin did a great job at the back so that the traffic did not attempt to overtake until it was safe to do so.

Thanks everyone for an enjoyable ride over to the East.

Random anonymous ride report

It was all smiles at the Buttercross, except for Julia who was tutting at such high speed she sounded like a sewing machine: everyone had come with bright orange water bottles that clashed terribly with their bikes.  The only winner was Christine T who luckily had come on her bright orange bike with matching bright orange Rapha kit,  helmet and shoes. ‘What’s the problem?’ she said.

As we climbed the first hill, no sooner had Jim asked if he’d ever been here before, than Ruth got a puncture and 25 men jumped out from behind a hedge and mended it for her. Luck? No. Magnetism!

The cafe was in a bit of a dodgy area so we used 6 locks each – but when we came out nobody had any keys! Imagine how foolish we felt! Luckily Chip and Michael were on hand to use  the skills they had learnt as children in the badlands of Wharfedale, and within 2 and a half minutes we were on our way again.

On the way back we were all so busy digesting pies that it wasn’t long before we were well and truly lost. Liz beamed at everyone and said it would all be fine, and then nudged  Christine B, who  got out her map and plotted a lovely route back through a forest and over an Alp, with only one minor river crossing. Phew!

Back at the Fleece, Brian and Ken were still there from last week – having only left briefly for a holiday in Mallorca from Tuesday to Thursday. We sat in the beer garden and laughed at our mishaps as we washed off the mud with Prosecco. Rumours are that Phil is still camped there – determined to be the last to leave. He’s going for a PB.