Windy time trialling weekend

Ever think that when the winds start battering us we’d have been better taking up sailing rather than cycling? Well, over the last few days those winds have certainly been blowing, testing the mettle of our TTers.

On Saturday 6th of May our riders took part in two events, one in a 10-mile TT promoted by Rossington Wheelers on the O10/1 course using the A614 near Hatfield Woodhouse and five in the Drighlington BC 25 held on the V232/1 based at Dishforth using the A168 and A19.

Andrew Bolton was our sole representative in the Rossington 10 in a field of 60 riders. Andrew was just 29 seconds outside his PB, recording 27:03 on a day with ‘challenging crosswinds’ as described in the official report from CTT and Snowdon Sports. The event was won overall by Patrick Gould of Matlock CC in 21:18. Fastest woman in 25:03 was Maxx RTs Ann Walsham. Sadly, 13 riders didn’t start reducing the number recording a time to 46 after one of the starters didn’t finish.

In contrast to the 10, the Drighlington event had just under 150 riders plus five reserves on the start sheet.

According to Liz, it wasn’t so much ‘the answer’ but more like 150TTers were ‘blowing in the wind’, heading out into a tear-enducing headwind for 12.5 miles to the turn. Fortunately, an amazing tailwind back saw Liz reaching record speeds but back down to earth for the final bit back from the turn to the finish, aptly described by Helen as ‘hideous’. As Liz says, TTing isn’t supposed to be fun. It isn’t?

Fastest of the five Otley riders was John Buddle in 1:05:06. Helen Goldthorpe was next in 1:05:55, followed by Steve Broadley in 1:08:34, Liz Hills with 1:11:56 and John Churchman in 1:17:50.

The overall winner was Bronte Wheelers’ Steven Ayres in 50:17. Kirsty Smith (Team Swift) was fastest woman in 1:00:40.

Sadly, Paralympic Gold medalists Adam Duggleby, piloting and Steve Bates tandem were DNS. The other tandem, ridden by Katherine and John Rigby-Jones, was a non-finisher as were seven of the solos. Along with 15 non-starters, it was perhaps testament to the hard conditions on the day.

A great spread at at Topcliffe
Village Hall HQ, ably administered by the much younger contingency, helped make up for the killer wind, the finale to a good day out.

Full results and a report courtesy of CTT and Snowdon Sports from the CTT website,