Triangle 2 – The Return of the Lights


Otley CC ducks all in a row!

Not only was it the second race in the 2017 Triangle season but it was also the debut display in the annual Triangle Traffic Lights Exhibition (Mobile), the initial culprit appearing just a few hundred yards after the start at the junction with Creskeld Lane.

Social media panic aside, the lights were fortunately switched off for the evening, allowing the event to go ahead on what was a bright but chilly, particularly for the helpers, and blustery night.

23 riders were on the start sheet – 21 of which could qualify for points – evergreen John Churchman being the first away. Unfortunately, only 22 started as Jonathan Hobbs, due away at number 17, suffered a puncture and didn’t start. Fastest Otley rider was James Cullen with 32:29 and Helen Goldthorpe fastest woman with 35:50, scoring points two weeks in a row. Fastest overall ride on the night was Triangle debutant Aaron Hemsley with 32:05. Times and points as follows.

Points qualifying rides (points in brackets)

James Cullen 32:29

John Buddle 34:09

Rauri Waterworth 33:10

Phil Mason 35:02

Liam Mealey 35:08

Dylan Lyons 35:12

Helen Goldthorpe 35:50 (4)

Andrew Bolton 36:34

Claire Jessop 37:09

Adam Shutt 37:26

Tony Wild 38:01 (6)

James Allen 38:37

Greg Jessop 38:41

Stuart Newbould 38:51 (3)

Gill Arnett 39:16

Trevor Hatib 39:24

Tom Broadley 39:45 (2)

John Churchman 42:43 (5)

Steve Broadley 43:32 (1)

Christine Bell 45:14

Non-qualifying rides

Aaron Hemsley 32:05

Stephen Lloyd 32:13

Thank you to all those who helped on the night. If you ride the Triangle series, don’t forget to step forward for your marshalling duties!

Points standings (after 2 rounds)

Sam Ward 6

Tony Wild 6

John Churchman 5

Helen Goldthorpe 5

Jonathan Hobbs 5

Phil Mason 4

Paul Luxton 3

Stuart Newbould 3

Andrew Bolton 2

Tom Broadley 2

Steve Broadley 1

The 12 1/2 on Thursday 11th May starts at 7:15 pm.

Please note that any under 18 riders must provide a consent form signed by a parent or guardian before they can ride. This will suffice for the whole series.