Triangle Series starts – usual weather conditions apply



To quote our Committee Chair Paul Luxton “End of April. ‘Persisting’ it down. Hail. Cold. Northerly wind. It must Triangle time!! Not a PB night!”

The usual Triangle opening event weather!

Photo courtesy of Paul Luxton

Yes, it’s Triangle time again and as at last year’s first event in the series, the weather Thursday 27th around the start area did it’s best to dampen the spirits of all concerned. Well, it may have dampened physically but Otley CC and its friends are made of sterner stuff!

14 riders defied the elements, times and points listed below. As this was the first event of the 2017 series, points were awarded on fastest times. However, handicaps will apply from the next event and points awarded on handicap times.

Sam Ward 29:51 (6 points)

Neil Buckley (guest rider) 31:05

Stephen Lloyd (2nd claim) 31:32

Jonathan Hobbs 32:30 (5)

Phil Mason 34:49 (4)

Paul Luxton 36:14 (3)

Andrew Bolton 36:36 (2)

Helen Goldthorpe 37:05 (1)

James Allen 37:42

Stuart Newbould 39:25

Tom Broadley 39:58

Tony Wild 40:42

Liz Hills 40:52

Steve Broadley 43:41

Chapeau and thank you to all who were there, whether to ride, timekeep or help.

The second event, a 12 1/2 again, is on Thursday 6th May on the Pool Triangle starting at 19:15.

Details of the series can be found here Triangle Time Trial Series 2017


Please keep your membership up to date! To be eligible to ride club (the Triangle Series for example), semi-open and open TT events you must be a fully paid-up member of a club affiliated to  Cycling Time Trials  (CTT), which Otley Cycle Club is. Also, only first-claim TT Otley Cycle Club members are eligible for points in the Triangle Series. Membership of a qualifying club also applies to the corsaRosa league, although a rider can compete in that series as a second-claim member.