Half day Social Series rides Sunday 23rd April

Next up, our Gentle and Gentle+ rides head along the Wharfe Valley to Ilkley and Bolton Bridge respectively and our Stretching and Strenuous rides both head for Silsden, albeit via slightly different routes over Addingham Moor.

We’re pleased to hear that Bilaluci Café Bar in Silsden are opening on a Sunday especially for the Social Series, so we’d be delighted to see as many of you as possible on the Stretching & Strenuous rides and showing your support for this independent business!

Fingers crossed for more weather like on our last outing! Details on each ride are as follows…

Gentle Ride: Ilkley (19 Miles)

This gentle mainly flat ride goes on the back road towards Bolton Abbey and then we walk over the footbridge to Addingham. There is a gentle meander through Addingham and then on the old back road. There is a short busy section of the A65 to complete before arriving into Ilkley for a well deserved café stop and then the return to Otley can be discussed, either via the back road or the flatter A65 from the Iron Bridge with an optional stop to visit the stepping stones at Burley-in-Wharfedale.

Route: http://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/7930312
Café suggestion: Suggested café stop is Outside the Box (http://www.outsidetheboxcafe.com/), but there are other options in Ilkley e.g. La Stazione, Ilkley Cycles

Ride Guide: Clare Groves
Back Marker: Kerri Holmes

Gentle+ Ride: Bolton Bridge (23 miles)

This route is ideal for those riders who want to go a little bit further. The ride goes along the back roads of the valley to the bridge at Bolton Abbey. We will stop for tea at the Abbey Tea Rooms (or another option) and return along the same route

Route: http://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/8348518
Café suggestions: Options near Bolton Abbey e.g. Abbey Tea Rooms

Ride Guide: Richard Ogden
Back Marker: Mark Jones

Stretching Ride: Silsden (25 miles)

This route starts on the Ilkley road and then briefly joins the main road to Ilkley before taking the old Otley Road to Burley in Wharfedale. It is routed in this direction to avoid congestion on the back road with our gentle rides! The route takes you through Ilkley on a short stretch of the A65 and then up to Addingham Moorside on a lovely quiet back road. You will take at least two stops on the climb to take photos and get your breath back! Once you reach the top of the climb it is an easy descent into Silsden and the café stop before retracing your ride back over the hill again and then eventually taking the back road to Otley.

Route: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/9025122
Café stop: Bilaluci Café Bar, 55 Kirkgate, Silsden, BD20 0AQ

Group One Ride Guide: Steve Moncur    
Group Two Ride Guide: Jill Birch
Standby if third group needed: Ruth Swanwick, Mark Sage

Strenuous: Silsden via Middleton and return via Addingham (29 miles)

This is a good leg stretcher with a short warm up via Middleton and then the challenging climb up to the top of Silsden, then a winding descent on a quiet back road into the town. After the café stop we head back up another hill and then down into Addingham and back to Ilkley. As it is a social ride we will stop at the top of the climbs and take lots of photos of the views (allowing you to catch your breath!)

Route: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/9024956
Café stop: Bilaluci Café Bar, 55 Kirkgate, Silsden, BD20 0AQ

Ride Guide: Matt Langdon