Mini-Flyers Day at the Races

No, not watching the 1937 Marx Brothers film or listening to the 1976 Queen album, both of the same name, but racing again at the York Sport Circuit Saturday 1st April. Thanks to Rob Wilks via the Mini-Flyers Facebook page for the report and photographs.

Race Day 2 at York

A smaller team of minis went over to York this morning in the second of the Yorskhire Day at The Races series. Two first timers, one being Amy in the U8s, were all set to try their best.

Amy was in the first race and after a nervous start, smiled and pedaled her way to second place – first race in the bag and a medal for her efforts!

The boys were up next, with Ned competing in his first race, Jack and Alex looking to improve on last time. All three had a tentative start, missing out on joining the lead bunch, but creating individual races with the smaller groups behind. They all pedaled well and finished mid-field out of the large group that started.

Isobel was in the last race – a very big group of riders at the start. A lead peloton of about 15 riders quickly formed at the front and she looked comfortable hiding in the bunch, but on the fifth lap she picked the wrong wheel, a gap appeared in front of them and she along with four other riders popped out of the back – race over! A harsh lesson in big bunch riding and a further seven laps of suffering to finish in 5th place.

Everyone had fun and will be looking to improve on their performances in the last of the series on Good Friday.