Our Future Stars show the way to racing success

Young and old(er) – see separate report – raced over the weekend and our Future Stars certainly came home with the spoils, not least some Championships!

The Mini-Flyers had a double day of racing this weekend, with circuit racing at York Sport on Saturday and the BSCA Roller racing on Sunday. The winter miles were in the legs and it was time to test out how they stood up in competition. If you could judge outcomes on fun alone they were all gold medal winners! As it was the results stood up to scrutiny as well. A full writeup can be read on the Mini-Flyers Facebook page

Thanks to Rob Wilks for the reports and photographs.

British Cycling Yorkshire Day at The Races 1

U8 Girls – 2nd Isla Aylward
U8 Boys – 1st Daniel Middlebrooke
U10 Boys – Alex Hodgkins, Ruaridh Aylward, Jack Wilks (No podium this time)
U12 Girls – 1st Isobel Wilks, 3rd Emily Middlebrooke, 5th Poppy Peacock

BSCA Regional Roller Racing Championships

U7 Girls – 1st Isla Aylward (Yorkshire Champion)
U9 Girls – 2nd Charlotte Chambers, 4th Amy Hodgkins, 5th Annie Chambers (Together 1st as the Team Yorkshire Champions)
U9 Boys – 2nd Daniel Middlebrooke, 5th Ruaridh Aylward
U11 Boys – 1st Alex Hodgkins (Yorkshire Champion), 2nd Jack Wilks
U11 Girls – 1st Isobel Wilks (Yorkshire Champion), 2nd Emily Middlebrooke, 3rd Poppy Peacock

Flyer, Eleanor Hunt also competed in the U15 competition and became the Yorkshire Champion with 1st Place.