corsaRosa Time Trial League open for business

Local club albaRosa organises the corsaRosa Time Trial League using two local TT 10-mile courses, one based at Ben Rhydding, the other at Addingham.

TT specific bikes and equipment aren’t allowed, providing more of a level playing field for all competitors. Races take place every other Sunday commencing 7th May, the last one being Sunday 10th September after which the prize presentation will take place.

The number of clubs participating this year is 11 (five last year).

East Bradford CC
Ilkley CC
Otley CC
Yorkshire Road Club
Airedale Olympic CC
Bronte Wheelers CC
Leeds & Bradford Triathlon Club
Queensbury Queens CC
Valley Striders CC
Rogue One CC

Pre-entry is required and information will be updated regularly on the corsaRosa Time Trial League Facebook page:

This is a closed group so you will have to send a request to join in order to register to ride.  Please note that you will have to register for each individual event.

Members of non-participating clubs can ride as a second claim member of one of the 11 but cannot change clubs once designated.