British Schools Cycling Association Yorkshire Cyclocross Championships

The British Schools Cycling Association (BSCA) Yorkshire Cyclocross Championships were held Sunday 26th February at Spen Valley High School in Liversedge and two Otley CC future stars took part, representing their respective schools.

Jake Powell (Prince Henry’s Grammar School) rode in the Under 13 boys category and Ruaridh Aylward (Otley All Saints) rode the Under 9 boys.

Jonathan Aylward was the reporter on the day

“The taped courses went around the edge of school playing fields and nearby banking (and the odd tree).

Conditions were fairly soft and muddy, so the race was always going to favour the riders who didn’t crash!

The girls set off, followed 30 seconds later by the boys. After the mad dash from the start, the race settled down, and Ruaridh was just behind the leading riders, who swept round a right-hand bend into the only climb on the course. At this point the best plan was to climb hard sat down so back wheels didn’t spin, go round the corner at the top tight to the tree and keep as much height as possible descending the off-camber gentle bend, carrying as much speed as possible into the wet and muddy section. Ruaridh cycled all of this well, gaining a few places and moving up into third. This then led into ‘scorpion corner’, so called because it …. Well, we’ll come onto that later.

The race developed nicely and Ruaridh moved into second when the rider in-front seemed to crash or have a mechanical. Then the very same lad got a second wind, caught and passed Ruaridh before the climb and held the gap on the off-camber descent. Ruaridh pushed on hard, trying to close the gap to second, and, carrying too much speed into the next corner….bang! …..’the Scorpion’, the sting in the tail, had its victim. What looked nice and gentle, actually became a slimy, muddy, off-camber, climb up a diagonal banking.

The bell for the last lap sounded and, after a blur of pedals and legs, Ruaridh stormed round the last lap to finish 3rd, 50 metres behind the leaders.

After a cake (or two) and a first podium, an Otley CC rider got into the car tired but happy.”

Jake Powell finished 13th in his category.

Full results here.

Well done to both and here’s to the BSCA National Cyclocross Championships 11th March Abbey Stadium, Redditch.