Half-Day Social Rides – Sunday 26th February

This is a lovely route which goes along the back roads to Huby and then goes up Gravelly Hill to Almscliffe Crag,with plenty of stops on the way. After Almscliffe Crag there is a downhill stretch to the pub. We return to Almscliffe Crag and then take a right hand turn so that we can descend on the back roads
to Otley.
Route :- https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/9627028

Team 1 Ride Leader      Christine Bell

Team 1 Back Barker      Steve Lake

If Required

Team 2  Ride Leader      Sandra Beaumont

Team 2  Back Marker      Sheila Mason

Coffee Stop @ Square & Compass

Stretching  – Pannal (24 miles) or Ilkley (24 miles)

Pannal Ride – Ride Leader Gary Purchon, Back Marker on the day

This is a very attractive route which starts with a short climb to Farnley and then a descent and a short climb along the back roads behind Lindley reservoir.  This incudes one of the hill climbs that our mini flyers find is now possible rather than impossible ! The route continues on back roads, through the streets of Pannal and then onto the main road to our Coffee Stop.  After the coffee stop the route is very gentle back to Otley with some long descents and a few shorter climbs .  Great ride with fantastic views.

Route – https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/12134987

Coffee Stop – Christians Bistro

Ilkley Ride – Ride Leader Matt Longdon Back , Back Marker on the day

A gentle outwards approach using Pool Road to Creskeld Lane makes this a good warm up ride. After Creskeld Lane there is a climb up to Bramhope and then the route goes along the top of the Chevin to take in Surprise View and then follows the course of the Tour de Yorkshire down Buckle Lane and up to the Moor road climbing gradually to the Cow and Calf, from Ilkley we return via Asquith and the back roads.
Our café stop is a later point than usual in the ride so bring snacks!

Route – https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/10807722

Coffee Stop – Great choice in Ilkley – Decide on the day

If Required Team 3 (Pannal)    Ride Leader Ian Helliwell

Strenuous – Hampsthwaite (30 miles)

Ride Leader Graham Smith Back Marker on the day

Hampsthwaite is the burial place of Joshua Tetley and also the burial place of a two and a half foot woman
apparently! This ride takes you out along Norwood Edge and then through the various Kesling villages to
Hampsthwaite. The route returns via Beckwithshaw and North Rigton. It is a hilly route with some great views and some interesting back roads to explore.

Route:- http://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/8271130

Coffee Stop – Sophies