Introduction to Time Trialling

Monday 20th February 2017, 19.30 – 21.15

The evening is aimed at complete novices, people who have never/rarely done a time trial but are interested in having a go at the club time trials 

The evening will be a very informal discussion style structure over cups of tea with lots of practical tips. We will explain a bit about time trialling in general and the different categories of time trials – the club time trials and the open time trials. We will then explain about the Club’s “Triangle” which is our weekly time trial event in the summer. There will be a lot of sharing of practical tips and you can ask any questions you want to some of our experienced club time trialists. Some basic but important questions that often get asked include:

  • “what happens if you get a puncture?”
  • “do you take a water bottle?”
  • “are there toilets?”
  • “what do you wear?”

 The evening will be supportive and designed for people who know nothing or very little about time trials. It is worth coming along even if you don’t think you want to ride a time trial as there are lots opportunities to help marshal and make tea at the open events, which are fun to do and support/wild cheering is always appreciated by the novice riders at the end of their time trials!  Let know if you are attending or sign up for the event on the Facebook group.

Dates for Your Diaries

The club hosts “open” time trials – these are event which are open to cyclists across the UK to enter (last year Stephen Burke from the Olympic Squad came along to 2 of our time trial events!) We need club members to ride in these events to show off the Otley blue AND we need people with important marshalling roles so put these dates in your racing diary and persuade your loved ones to put the date in to come and support you and the club! There will be requests for volunteers shortly for each event. To enter our open events you need to go to the CTT website and create an account.

Our first event is a 10 mile Time Trial on 15th April, organised by Christine Bell and Trevor Hatib who will be glad of your offers of help!