New Years Day ride reports – down Bolton Abbey way….

Happy New Year! A later start was scheduled by our ever-forgiving ride team ( we love them by the way) – an extra hour to shake off the excesses of the night before. It was a bit parky out judging by the number of layers being worn in the photos below… those are layers right? And not just Christmas pudding? But plenty of riders were out to kick start their year with a bit of fresh air, exercise, chat and cake. Here’s what happened…

Ruth’s rambunctious rhyming ride report

On New Year’s Day 2017, we all set off without Christine.
She caught us up on Weston Lane; to miss the ride would have been a shame.
So 8 of us t’wards Bolton sped; the sun shone hopefully up ahead
The wharf was high, the winds were strong, this did not deter our merry throng.
Despite the revelries of the night before, the ride was a delight and never a chore.
In style befitting Otley club, thus pedalled we to Bolton, and back to the pub.

Good smiling from the ‘merry throng’!

Gentle ride to Addingham

Matt’s report…

We welcomed two new faces to the wonderful world of Otley Social Cycling – Jo and Ali – who joined the rest of the group in enjoying a lovely ride on the back roads to Addingham.  Despite the cold conditions, everyone was in high spirits and enjoyed the crisp weather and the lovely views down the valley.

Taking their bikes for a walk.

The ride was briefly halted when, to everyone’s surprise, we came across a flock of peacocks in the road just outside Addingham.  After they jumped over the fence and (we hope) back to safety, we continued on our way to Ilkley.
We stopped for some well earned warmth and refreshment in The Lister Arms (one of the few establishments to open on New Year’s Day) before a dash back to the Fleece via Ben Ryhdding and Burley-in-Wharfedale.

Strenuous ride to Storiths… for Auld Lang(bar) Syne

Mark’s report…

Not too many weary looking faces in our group of seven today, even from one of our riders who’d been up until 4am at a New Year’s Eve wedding. Top marks for making it to the Buttercross! Feeling quite perky, we set off from Otley at a healthy pace and headed towards Askwith.

The wet and windy conditions were easing as we turned into Carter’s Lane to begin our ascent of Langbar. Iain and Mike got 2017 off to a positive start by tackling this tricky climb for the first time.

“Everybody stop in the big puddle at the top”

We then enjoyed the thrilling descent into Beamsley (avoiding the many New Year’s Day walkers on the way down) and then a short climb on the busy A59 to the Storiths turn-off. At Buffers café we refuelled on an assortment of snacks, but the ‘Alpine Toasty’ enjoyed by Mike was a new one on all of us. It did look tasty though!

The temperature had dropped a few degrees as we left Buffers (as forecast). It, therefore, took us a mile or two to get warm again after we’d crossed the bridge at Cavendish and headed back to Otley on the bottom road.

A cracking start to 2017 and thank you to everyone for the fantastic company and to Andrew for a  top notch job back marking and ensuring no one got left behind. May there be many more days like this in the coming year.