Club Championships 2016

There are 42 racing awards available in the 2016 season.  The vast majority have already been won and this is to update you on those.  All awards will be presented at the Club Awards Dinner to be held Friday 20th January 2017 at Otley Golf Club, organised by tandem record holders and joint Club 12-hour Women’s Champions Rachel Crowther and Christine Bell.

2016 Champions to date.

Champions so far for 2016 are listed below. The latest to be finalised, after the Hillclimb 1st October, is the Time Trial Championship Points, calculated from points awarded in the club TT Championships. Phil Mason is the winner on 79 points.  Congratulations Phil!(See link below for the full table)

Women’s BAR. Claire Jessop 23.60 mph

10 Mile Time Trial Championship. Jon Sharpe 22:47

Joyce Webb 10 Mile TT Championship Women Helen Goldthorpe 25:56

10 Mile Time Trial Handicap. Tom Broadley 21:20 (actual 26:27 – 5:07 Handicap)

10 Mile Time Trial Championship Under 16. Sam Howcroft 26:55

10 Mile Time Trial Championship Handicap Under 16. Sam Howcroft 22:10 (actual 26:55 – 4:45 Handicap)

PHMAS Cycling 10 Mile TT (U18 Woman on Walshford course). Megan Cullen 28:02

Hilly 14 Mile Time Trial Championship. Tom Cullen 39:07

Hilly 14 Mile Time Trial Women. Megan Cullen 52:45

Hilly 14 Mile Time Trial Handicap. Tim Howcroft 38:31 (actual 42:16 – 3:45 Handicap)

Hilly 14 Mile Time Trial Junior. Robbie Pollard 40:18

25 Mile Time Trial Championship. Tom Cullen 1:00:25

Beryl Burton 25 Mile TT Championship Women. Claire Jessop 1:10:26

25 Mile Time Trial Handicap. Stuart Newbould 56:55 (actual 1:06:13 – 9:18 Handicap)

30 Mile Time Trial Championship. Gareth Metcalfe 1:11:24

30 Mile Time Trial Championship Women. Claire Jessop 1:24:22

30 Mile Time Trial Handicap. Claire Jessop 1:10:37 (actual 1:24:22 – 13:45 Handicap)

50 Mile Time Trial Championship. Gareth Metcalfe 1:59:26

50 Mile Time Trial Handicap. Stephen Broadley 1:53:14 (actual 2:19:04 – 25:50 Handicap)

12 Hour Time Trial Championship. Phil Mason 219.214 miles

12 Hour Time Trial Championship Women. Christine Bell and Rachel Crowther (Tandem) 187.017 miles

12 Hour Time Trial Handicap. Gary Purchon. 237.332 miles (25 miles allowance)

24 Hour Time Trial. Iain Findlay 441.685 (new club record)

Hillclimb Championship – Norwood Edge only. Sam Ward 6:00.0

The Queen of the Mountains – Hill climb championship. Eleanor Hunt 8:14.4

Time Trial Championship Points. Phil Mason 79 points (See link below)

Lizzie Armitstead Time Trial Championship Points – Women. Helen Goldthorpe 41 points

Triangle Points Championship. Stephen Broadley 45 points

Triangle Fastest Man. Jon Sharpe 29:35

Triangle Fastest Veteran on Age Standard. Tim Howcroft & Chris Yates +3:44

Triangle Fastest Woman. Helen Goldthorpe 34:11


Congratulations to all our Champions! Hopefully their success will inspire others to have a go in 2017.

2016 Championships still to finalise.

The following championships are still to finalise.

Veterans BAR

Road Race Champion

Track Champion

PH-MAS Cycling Points Trophy (Most BC Points U18 Women)

BC Points Boys (Most BC Points U18 Men)

Cyclo Cross Champion

Remaining awards

Sadly, five awards won’t be made this year as they either weren’t competed for or riders didn’t complete the event.  Those are:

Senior BAR

50 Championship – Women

100 Championship – Fastest

100 Championship – Women

100 Championship – Handicap

Something to aim for in 2017!