Social ride reports – 9th October 2016

Autumn was in the air, but we managed to eke out the last of summer sun on Sunday. It may have required long legwear for the first time in a while, but it was a beautiful day for a bike ride! Many of our tribe agreed too, with a large crowd of cyclists filling the market square at 9am. With such a number it was good that the three destinations were all in different directions: Pannal, Ilkley and Harewood. Three very nice cafés were the lucky recipients of our custom too. Read on…

Stretching ride to Pannal

Christine’s report:

A happy gang of 11 riders set off from the Buttercross towards Pannal. Steve joined us for the first Sunday ride after riding with us on Wednesday nights and for Andy this was a step up to the stretching rides after starting on the gentle rides. Gary, Sandra, Christine, Trish and Chip were back from the club  Mallorca trip – it is somewhat colder here! The route had some “generous” hills and amazing views and some of the roads were new to many riders and provided a nice variety to our usual routes. It was busy at the coffee stop at Christian’s bistro so it took a while to get our snacks, (especially for poor Andy and Greg!)  This did however give us lots of times to discuss the merits and size dimensions of various brands of arm and leg warmers!

The crossing of the main road after the garden centre was proving very tricky but then two cars stopped in both directions to allow our group to get across – a massive thank you to them both!!

Many thanks to Karen for being a brilliant back marker and to Chip who got my gold star award (I am really not completely sure why but it seemed to keep him happy!)2016-10-09-09-58-49

Gentle ride to Harewood

Thirteen gentle riders wound their way to the always welcoming Muddy Boots cafe at Harewood. It’s still a notable climb up to Harewood, but the reward on a day like Sunday were the views across the deer park and Wharfedale beyond. Ably led by Club Captain Brian, and with special thanks to Clare for stepping up to back-mark for the first time. Back-marking is an important role on the gentle ride in particular so we are always grateful to those who volunteer :-D.img_20161010_222109

Strenuous ride up the Cow & Calf

Liz’s report…

As the temperatures start dropping what better way to keep warm on a Sunday morning than tackling the Cow and Calf in Ilkley the ‘hard way’! At least that’s how it was sold to me when Ken asked me (with a Sangria bribe!) to lead the Strenuous ride today.
Heading out to Ilkley on the back road we practised our group riding skills on the flat to keep together and help people feel the benefit of the draft. As ride leader it was lovely to hear people chatting and laughing behind me, so I was confident we were doing a good pace for everyone. Up the Cow and Calf it was ‘every (wo)man for her/himself’ with the understanding that we’d all re-group at the pub.
Rolling on to Guiseley we were able to take in the amazing views on such a glorious morning and before we knew it we were at Everybody’s Social where we’d reserved a booth and received a very warm welcome (and warm plates – a sign of a good cafe!).
The climb from Guiseley on cafe legs was doable and worth it to see the views over the Chevin, and from there we rolled together through Bramhope and Arthington. Final drag up Farnley lane before regrouping at the top and enjoying the glorious descent into Otley.
9 of us set off (and 7 came back but only because 2 had to peel off early to go home – we didn’t leave them behind!). Topped off by ale and banter in The Fleece. What a glorious way to spend a Sunday morning.

Editor’s note: Big thank you to Stephen for back-marking! …that man just gets taken for granted!! 😉


Bang on time!

Another stretching ride to Pannal

Jill’s report…

Our stretching group really enjoyed the sparkling Wharfedale scenery in the October sunshine on the way to Pannal. It was a lovely ride with most of the climbing done at the beginning and the cafe stop at Christian’s almost came too soon. We can confirm that the bacon butties there are very good and the outdoor space is sheltered from the wind and sunny. A meander back turned into a high(ish) speed train on the Pool Road as Nigel led the way back to the Fleece for a post ride catch up with those out on other rides. Thanks very much to Ann for back marking.

Ruth squatting in a field whilst everyone else looks the other way.

Ruth squatting in a field with everyone else looking the other way.