Mini-Interview Part 2

One of the gang

The minis were invited to meet Lizzie in a fairly rare visit to Wharfedale – mind you it was the start of a very special week, before an imminent name change! When you’re hero is in town it’s extra special when you can spend some quality time with her, with a chance to put those questions which you’ve always wanted to ask face to face. The mini-flyers were truly awestruck to meet Lizzie, who was presented with her first ever club top and became ‘one of the gang’. The questions were soon flowing and lots of interesting facts were gleaned. Our World Champion cycles around 15,000km a year, races 60 days a year, trains around 5 hours a day and other than cycling she loved netball when she was at school. Her favourite race of the year was the Tour of Flanders, which had always been her ambition to win, but closely followed by the Aviva Tour and the Tour of Yorkshire. She was very much looking forward to her wedding and we will all need to get used to a name change! There aren’t many sports where the World Champion takes time to connect with the grass roots and for us the ‘Lizzie effect’ is truly inspirational – when it’s raining and cold we will still be feeding off today’s experience! As one mini said on the way home, “I love cycling because it makes me do things I’d never do, I’ve just met the World Champion!”