Triangle 21 – 25th August. The Grand Finale

Stephen Broadley 2016 Triangle Series Points Champion

Stephen Broadley
2016 Triangle Series Points Champion

You’d have thought wouldn’t you that the gods of traffic lights would realise that it was the Triangle Series Grand Finale Thursday 25th August and for once leave us a clear road all the way round.

But no, they decided for the third time this season there’d have to be some traffic management somewhere on the course, this time on one of the fastest stretches at Riffa. Combined with the worsening conditions caused by the forecast heavy rain starting to fall, for the safety of the riders the decision was taken to shorten the course, the finish moved to the top of the rise coming out of Huby and just before the junction of the A658 with Castley Lane, the revised course being approximately 9.6 miles.

Despite the rain, 19 lined up for this last event, five of those being guest riders.

Although Stephen Broadley was already confirmed as Triangle Series Champion on 45 points the next five places were covered by, coincidentally, five points, so still plenty to fight for. However, two of our future stars, Ruari Waterworth and Dylan Lyons put a spanner in the spokes of those contenders by taking maximum points between them.

Ruari took the 6 points, something he’s obviously good at targeting after taking the same number two weeks before.  Those points took Ruari from 9th to 4th overall in the final table. Definitely one to watch next season!  Dylan’s 5 saw him entering the points standings on the final day of competition.

Paul ‘your rear light’s still on mate!’ Luxton and Tom Boadley maintained their 2nd and 3rd places with the 4 and 3 points they scored respectively.

Tony Bulmer, probably running on adrenaline after having to go back for his cycling shoes – we’ve all done it Tony! – then getting stuck in traffic, took the 2 points, the final point on offer being taken by John Buddle.

In terms of fastest Otley times, it was a bit of a Cullen-fest, something that probably won’t go down with the Howcroft boys. Mini-Cullen Tom took the top spot in 22:20 – the fastest overall on the night too – with dad Ian taking next spot and uncle James 3rd fastest Otley rider.  Sophie Hewitson, the only woman riding, recorded 27:56.

After the event it was into to the pub, not just to get out of the rain but also for a pie and pea supper, preceded by the usual excellent review by Sheldon of the series, the show of appreciation to helpers and the prize-giving.

As well as Stephen being finally confirmed Triangle Points Champion and claiming the trophy, three other championships were confirmed also (subject to ratification), all receiving a gold medal for their efforts, very apt in this successful Olympic year for Team GB.  Fastest Woman on the Triangle course in 2016 is Helen Goldthorpe with a 34:11 recorded 7th July.  Jon Sharpe, who on 23rd June recorded 29:35, is fastest Man.  The Fastest Veteran on Age Standard championship is a tie between Tim Howcroft and Chris Yates, both recording a plus of 3:44.  Congratulations to all!

Otley CC times as follows, with points in brackets.

Tom Cullen 22:20

Ian Cullen 24:23

James Cullen 24:53

Robbie Pollard 25:17

Tim Howcroft 25:26

John Buddle 25:31 (1)

Rauri Waterworth 25:42 (6)

Paul Luxton 26:18 (4)

Stephen Broadley 26:47

Tom Broadley 26:59 (3)

Sophie Hewitson 27:56

Andrew Bolton 28:04

Dylan Lyons 28:11 (5)

Tony Bulmer 29:55 (2)

Of the guest riders, David McNeill of albaRosa was fastest in 22:40, followed by Richmond Denton in 22:58.  Third place was a tie, series sponsor Mark Scatchard and Dan Jay-Webster both recording 23:21.  Joe Howcroft managed to take 47 seconds out of dad Tim with a 24:39.

Final points standings

Stephen Broadley 45

Paul Luxton 29

Tom Broadley 26

Ruari Waterworth 23

James Cullen 20.5

John Churchman 20

Stuart Newbould 19

Gary Purchon 19

Greg Jessop 18

Tony Wild 14

Phil Mason 13.5

Andrew Bolton 13

Steve Gaunt 12

Helen Goldthorpe 12

Sheldon Howcroft 11.5

Peter Yates 11

Tim Howcroft 10

Gill Arnett 9

Rob Clulow 9

Dean Nicholson 9

Liz Hills 8

Naakesha Seth 8

John Buddle 6.5

Tony Bulmer 6

Rachel Crowther 6

Tom Cullen 6

Claire Jessop 6

Gareth Metcalfe 6

Jon Sharpe 6

Christine Thwaite 6

Chris Yates 6

Christine Bell 5

Ian Cullen 5

Megan Cullen 5

Dylan Lyons 5

Toby Kitching 3

Liam Mealey 3

Kerri Holmes 2

Robbie Pollard 1

Thank you!

It goes without saying that there are many people to thank.  The first and biggest thank-you is to Sheldon for organising and running the series.  As well as turning up every week to ensure everything runs smoothly including arranging marshalling and to ride, prior to the series starting Sheldon has, as a minimum, to apply for each event to the CTT and the police, liaise with the sponsor and The Wharfedale Inn and arrange timekeepers.  Without Sheldon’s hard work and dedication the series just wouldn’t happen.

Mark Scatchard of MAS Design Consultants continues to support cycle racing in the area and we’re very grateful for his continued support of the series.

Joyce and Keith Webb enthusiastically timekeep and are always available to provide advice on all things time-trialling.  Geoff Barratt is Sheldon’s go-to timekeeper when the Webb’s are away.

The Wharfedale Inn allows us to use their car park on a Thursday evening and of course provides us with the victuals at our after-series do.

Pushers-off are an essential part of timetrialling and thanks go to Club Captain Brian Keighley and to Mark’s dad Howard Scatchard, who’s certainly looking very fit, for their support, with Peter Yates and George Baxter stepping in as deputies when required.

Lawrie Howcroft sorts the numbers each week and arranged the pie and pea supper.

Thank you to all those who have marshalled. Your services will be needed next season too!

Last but not least, thank you to all those who have ridden, whether Otley CC or guest riders.  Hope you enjoyed it.

Happy and safe cycling and see you all again in 2017!


Even the helpers need help in the rain!

Even the helpers need help in the rain!


Warm and dry in The Whsrfedale

Warm and dry in The Wharfedale