Triangle 19 – 16th August. 10 & 15 on the A168

The Triangle series moved to the smooth flatter roads of Boroughbridge and a bumper field of 28 riders turned up to face the time keepers. Riders had the option of a 10 mile time trial or continuing along the course to complete 15 miles. Two times for the price of one, now that’s what I call good value.

Sunny warm conditions lasted into the evening and an earlier start of 7pm meant there was still strength in the summer sun. As a rule time trials and wind is not a good combination and breezy conditions were to be encountered by the rides. A headwind down to Walshford made for a difficult opening 5 miles but then riders faces a welcome tailwind and speeds increased.

Time trial expert Gareth Metcalfe showed a clean pair of wheels and was the fastest Otley rider, with guest rider Frazer Rounds the fastest rider on the night.

A massive thank you goes to Keith and Joyce Webb for time keeping on the night and George Baxter for making the long journey out to push riders off at the start. It was a great event and an excellent way to make use of the long awaited summer evenings.

10-mile results. No points awarded for this distance

Otley CC

Gareth Metcalfe 22:06

Ian Cullen 24:40

James Cullen 25:36

Phil Mason 25:41

Stuart Newbould 25:42

Stephen Broadley 26:03

Liam Mealey 26:17

Helen Goldthorpe 26:32

Tom Broadley 26:51

Ruari Waterworth 27:13

Andrew Bolton 27:20

Peter Yates 27:22

Paul Luxton 27:34

Alan Garnett 28:04

Robert Garnett 28:18

Tony Bulmer 28:48

Gill Arnett 29:09

Tony Wild 29:22

Megan Cullen 29:30

Dylan Lyons 29:46

Liz Hills 29:32

Carolyn Nelson 30:26

Justin Dyson 33:27


Fraser Rounds 21:24

Stephen Lloyd 24:14

Hannah Drewet 24:47

Duncan Glover 25:06

Roger Waterworth 27:35

15-mile. Points awarded for this distance

Otley CC

Gareth Metcalfe 33:42 (6)

James Cullen 35:01 (3.5)

Ian Cullen 37:48

Stuart Newbould 39:00 (1)

Phil Mason 39:01 (3.5)

Stephen Broadley 39:45 (2)

Liam Mealey 39:45

Helen Goldthorpe 40:43

Tom Broadley 40:46

Ruari Waterworth 41:34

Peter Yates 41:45 (5)

Paul Luxton 42:01

Tony Wild 44:48

Liz Hills 45:55

Dylan Lyons 48:04


Roger Waterworth 42:16

Latest points standings

Stephen Broadley 45

Tom Broadley 23

Paul Luxton 22

John Churchman 20

Gary Purchon 19

James Cullen 18.5

Greg Jessop 18

Stuart Newbould 18

Ruari Waterworth 17

Tony Wild 14

Phil Mason 13.5

Andrew Bolton 13

Steve Gaunt 12

Helen Goldthorpe 12

Sheldon Howcroft 11.5

Peter Yates 11

Liz Hills 8

Tim Howcroft 10

Dean Nicholson 9

Naakesha Seth 8

Rachel Crowther 6

Tom Cullen 6

Claire Jessop 6

Gareth Metcalfe 6

Jon Sharpe 6

Christine Thwaite 6

John Buddle 5.5

Christine Bell 5

Rob Clulow 5

Ian Cullen 5

Megan Cullen 5

Gill Arnett 4

Tony Bulmer 4

Toby Kitching 3

Liam Mealey 3

Kerri Holmes 2

Robbie Pollard 1

Photographs courtesy of Paul Lamb and Carolyn Nelson.  More of their photos on Flicker here.

Team Cullen team bus

So that’s what Indurain’s up to these days!

Liz Hills, Sheldon Howcroft and Joyce Webb

Good to see Justin Dyson back on his bike

Andrew Bolton

Gareth Metcalfe makes his 2016 Triangle Series debut

Carolyn Nelson


Megan Cullen

Phil Mason in the pink

Gill Arnett

Helen Goldthorpe

Triangle Series points leader Stephen Broadley

Le Peleton