Triangle 17 – 4th August

First things first – fortunately, no accidents and no traffic lights so clear tarmac for all riders on the whole 12 1/2 miles – well, virtually.

No rain either but it was certainly windy, riders reporting the conditions were adding at least a minute to previous times.  And the driver of a modern day haywain obviously wasn’t aware of how fast TTers can ride these days, particularly down Riffa, causing a little delay to some riders.

One of our future stars Rauri Waterworth secured the maximum 6 points, with Gary Purchon, obviously not suffering any after effects from his 12-hour ride the previous Sunday, picking up the 5.  4 points were picked up by Steve Gaunt while last-minute entrant Ian Cullen scored 3 and was fastest Otley rider overall with a 31:53. Stephen Broadley extended his lead in the points standings over son Tom by a further 2 points and Paul Luxton picked up the final point on the night.

Fastest woman was Helen Goldthorpe in 35:27, the eighth fastest Otley CC ride in a total of 13.

First rider away was Carolyn Nelson who twelve months ago had ACL reconstruction surgery on her right knee.  Carolyn was hoping to get under 45 minutes but was really pleased to actually under 40 with a 39:19.

There were six guest riders, Fraser Rounds being the fastest with a 28:37. Other guest rider times were Sam Ward 29:51, David McNeill 30:07, Adrian Stott 30:17, Mark Scatchard 30:58 and Paul Lamb 33:10.

All Otley CC times as follows, with points in brackets.

Ian Cullen 31:53 (3)

James Cullen 33:35

John Buddle 33:55

Stephen Broadley 34:30 (2)

Gary Purchon 34:55 (5)

Steve Gaunt 35:04 (4)

Ruari Waterworth 35:09 (6)

Helen Goldthorpe 35:27

Tom Broadley 35:52

Paul Luxton 36:18 (1)

Tony Wild 36:39

Carolyn Nelson 39:19

John Churchman 39:57

Latest points standings

Stephen Broadley 43

Tom Broadley 23

John Churchman 20

Paul Luxton 19

Gary Purchon 19

Greg Jessop 18

Stuart Newbould 17

Tony Wild 14

Andrew Bolton 13

James Cullen 13

Steve Gaunt 12

Helen Goldthorpe 12

Sheldon Howcroft 11.5

Ruari Waterworth 11

Tim Howcroft 10

Phil Mason 10

Dean Nicholson 9

Naakesha Seth 8

Liz Hills 8

Rachel Crowther 6

Tom Cullen 6

Jon Sharpe 6

Christine Thwaite 6

Peter Yates 6

John Buddle 5.5

Rob Clulow 5

Ian Cullen 5

Megan Cullen 5

Claire Jessop 5

Tony Bulmer 4

Toby Kitching 3

Liam Mealey 3

Kerri Holmes 2

Robbie Pollard 1

Please note: All remaining Triangle 12.5s – 11th, 18th and 25th August – all start at 7.00 p.m. as does the 10/15 on Tuesday 16th August on the A168 near Boroughbridge. Only the 15-mile TT on the 16th will count for points.  Points will not be awarded for the 10-mile TT.