Triangle 16 – 28th July

If we didn’t have such diverse weather in Great Britain just what would we Brits find to talk about?  Cue tumbleweed…..

Although the weather on Thursday wasn’t the best, by the time the Triangle came round the rain had abated.  So, not much to discuss there then.   Out on the road it was a different matter, two particular incidents providing riders, timekeepers and helpers plenty to talk about.

14 riders – 12 Otley and two guests – reported to the timekeeper.  With little or no wind and cool conditions after the rain it was a good night for time trialling and some fast times, perhaps some PBs, were  expected.  However, a burst water pipe near Arthington Village Hall meant temporary traffic lights held up some of the riders. Unfortunately, an accident near the top of The Mountain involving at least two vehicles held up riders again.  Thankfully, there were no serious injuries and riders managed to safely negotiate their way through.

Lots of discussions in The Wharfedale car park after the event – and no doubt over a flagon of ale later – about the lights and the accident and how much everyone had been held up.  Difficult to calculate and, credit to all the riders, no moaning about what might have been, the important points being they were thankful there were no major injuries and that no riders were involved in the accident.  In fact, it was probably timekeepers Joyce and Keith Webb who were affected the most, with at one point five riders finishing within a 14-second period, a consequence of some being delayed on the The Mountain.

Despite any delays, there were three rides under 30 minutes, the fastest being Tim Howcroft in 29:37, a ride that earned him 3 points on handicap.  Jon Sharpe was the only other Otley rider under 30 minutes in 29:46, with guest rider Tom Ward recording 29:55.

On the comeback trail, supervet Peter Yates scored the maximum 6 points, getting him into the points standings, followed by another vet who’s on top form at the moment, John Churchman, John securing 5.  Liz Hills achieved a PB, riding tri-bars for the first time on the Triangle, and scored 4 points.  The next two points scorers, John Buddle and Triangle series organiser Sheldon Howcroft, tied on handicap time so scored 1.5 each.  Neither of the Broadley’s scored points but still retain first (Steve) and second (Tom) places, although John Churchman is now only 3 behind Tom.

All Otley CC times as follows, with points in brackets.

Tim Howcroft 29:37 (3)

Jon Sharpe 29:46

Ian Cullen 31:47

Stuart Newbould 32:45

John Buddle 32:51 (1.5)

Phil Mason 33:05

Stephen Broadley 33:41

Tom Broadley 34:36

Sheldon Howcroft 35:54 (1.5)

Liz Hills 37:37 (4)

Peter Yates 37:43 (6)

John Churchman 38:47 (5)

The other guest rider was David McNeill who recorded 34:04.

Latest points standings

Stephen Broadley 41

Tom Broadley 23

John Churchman 20

Greg Jessop 18

Paul Luxton 18

Stuart Newbould 17

Gary Purchon 14

Tony Wild 14

Andrew Bolton 13

James Cullen 13

Helen Goldthorpe 12

Sheldon Howcroft 11.5

Tim Howcroft 10

Phil Mason 10

Dean Nicholson 9

Steve Gaunt 8

Naakesha Seth 8

Liz Hills 8

Rachel Crowther 6

Tom Cullen 6

Jon Sharpe 6

Christine Thwaite 6

Peter Yates 6

John Buddle 5.5

Rob Clulow 5

Megan Cullen 5

Claire Jessop 5

Ruari Waterworth 5

Tony Bulmer 4

Toby Kitching 3

Liam Mealey 3

Ian Cullen 2

Kerri Holmes 2

Robbie Pollard 1

John Barnett is timekeeping next week, so make sure your bike is clean!