Racing 30 – May 2016. Tom Cullen in the points again – and in the money!

Whilst his time-trialing  clubmates were hurtling round the Pool Triangle on Thursday evening, Tom Cullen was once again in road-racing action. This time he was riding the 3rd round of the North Yorkshire Road Racing League out at the oft-used Sheriff Hutton course near York. Ahh, I remember that course, but not with much affection…

Although Tom’s now a 2nd category rider and the race was for 3rd and 4th cat’s Tom had entered before he was promoted from 3rd do was allowed to ride.

As well as delivering a good result Tom has delivered a good report too, so here it is.

“Good race at round 3 of the North Yorkshire Evening Road Race League on Thursday evening.

This race was a 44 mile hilly circuit through Sheriff Hutton and including the tough Bulmer Bank climb.

I was under strict instructions to sit in until the sprint finish up the final ascent of the the short climb into Sheriff Hutton as it looked as if it would suit me well.

This would prove to be the case, 4 miles to the final climb the lead out trains started to form and if you were in a good position one minute you are bound to be boxed in the next. As this was the case with still half the climb to the finish I had to start sprinting due to a fast line moving up on my right, as I approached the line I was running out of energy fast and I threw my bike at the line just hanging on to 3rd place, but 2nd in the bunch sprint as a solo rider finished in 1st.

Good evening racing in the end, a little error in my positioning cost me 2nd place but I’m happy with 3rd and 1st Junior which meant I pocketed a cool £35!  Result.”

Well done Tom on the 3rd place and on the report – and can you lend us a fiver?

Results can be found on the BC website here.

Photos courtesy of 2nd placed rider Robert Fox’s dad.

Tom practising his Caleb Ewan-type sprint'

Tom practising his Caleb Ewan-style sprint!


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