Entering time-trials

For clarification on entering time-trials.

Otley Cycle Club (OCC) club events can be entered on the line, if there are enough places, but there are different rules if the event includes a club championship. If it does include a club championship then a CTT entry form should be sent to the organiser Sheldon Howcroft and to the racing secretary. You can enter a club championship event on the line if there enough places but you will not be eligible for the championship.

Open events can’t be entered on the line and must be entered in advance, either via the Cycling Time Trials (CTT) website – see this link – or on an official CTT entry form which can be downloaded here.  Some OCC championships are included in open events so you should send a copy of your entry to the OCC racing secretary too to ensure you are included in the championship.  These specific championship events are the 50, the 100 and the 12hour.

Please see the Triangle Time Trial Series 2016 list for further details.