Introduction to Time Trials Evening

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You probably don’t need to wear your commuter rain jacket if it rains on a time trial but you can if you want to!!!

Thanks to everyone who came along to our club Introduction to Time Trial evening event at the clubhouse this week.

Tips were shared by some of our veterans:

“Don’t set off too fast, don’t set off too fast, don’t set off too fast!”

“If you get overtaken it is not good etiquette to try to get on the wheel of the person who has overtaken you and benefit from their slipstream”

“always have a back light fixed and working”

Two novice riders from the 2015 season: Christine and Andy, shared their insights:

  • Work out what you are riding the time trial for. If it is about you and your personal improvement then keep the bike and kit consistent and just see how much you can improve physically. But it is also fine to decide you want to go as fast as possible and upgrade throughout the season. It is just about working out what your own goals are.
  • Don’t feel intimidated by some of the high end kit on display. You can do a club time trial on an ordinary bike in your usual bike kit. You are racing against yourself and not the rest of the field. So just start as early as you can in the season so you can see how your timings vary according to the weather, your fitness and the traffic
  • It is a socialable club event HOWEVER there is not much chatting before the start as everyone is focused on their own little rituals. They are not being rude but don’t expect much chatting! When you get to the end then everyone is relaxed and there are lots of stories about the event to be shared. There is also the option to go into the pub at the end to enjoy a few glasses of sparking water.

The Club Time Trial is called the Triangle because the course is kind of shaped like a Triangle! It is 12.5 miles. Many of our novice riders completed the course in about 43 to 48 mins in their first ride and then gradually got faster each week, picking up points for improvement on the clever handicap system.

To take part meet at the Wharfedale pub car park (please park at the bottom of the car park away from the entrance to the pub) The first Triangle session is on Thursday 28th April and the first rider goes off at 19.00. Novice riders will get an early slot but must arrive by 18.30 to sign on. The event is open to all club members.

There are also “open” events which are organised by our club but are attended by riders from other clubs. You have to sign up for these on the Cycling Time Trials Website

10 Mile Time Trial – lot of club members have entered this year for their first open time trial

25 Mile Time Trial


With an number on your back you will go much faster than normal!

With an number on your back you will go much faster than normal!