Social Series Ride reports 14.2.16


Gentle ride lead by Jill.

There were 8 in the gentle group today and, given how cold it was, we decided to keep a steady pace with not too many stops. We headed out via the quiet roads around Castley and up to Almscliff Crag before the coffee stop (with Smarties of course) at the Square and Compass at North Rigton. After warming up very nicely we headed back via the Crag and Stainburn. The views were fantastic in the winter sun and the birds were very vocal. Overall it was an excellent ride with lots of chat and laughter. Special mention to
Louise who has found that she can now talk whilst riding uphill thanks to her new lightweight bike!
Thanks to Phil for back marking and everyone else for a thoroughly enjoyable ride.Stretching ride lead by Ken.

After a coolish start this turned out to be a lovely ride, the sun was out at all the right moments. After a tough climb up Snowden and being unsure about the situation at the square and compass, we decided to alter plans and stop at the heritage centre only to find it closed, Julia came up with the farm shop about a mile away so we went there, and all agreed it needs to be a regular stop off point in the future rides, we then got back on track , and headed to to north rigton and up to armscliffe, we then altered the route as we had done more miles than planned so returned back via huby and the Pool road about 27 miles total. As we said on route if only every winters day was like today it would be great. Just like to say a big thanks to Julia for a great job backmarking. Rather good social in the fleece afterwards, think it was about 4.30 before we left, so excuse any spelling mistakes

Strenuous ride to Hampsthwaite. Guide Graham. Back marker Christine T.

Search for vents - smaller

A small, but perfectly formed group of hardy hill climbers set off for Hampsthwaite in glorious cold sunshine. We began with a long climb, but the gated road from Farnley rewarded us with splendtastic views, before we launched into the final assault of Norwood Bank. We were warm by now, giving Christine B the chance to show off her new vents, which I have to say were magnificent. Then, to cries of delight, Carol found vents that she didn’t know she had (despite having taught anatomy). In fact the whole ride was a voyage of discovery for Carol, as 3/4 of the way round she learnt that she wasn’t on the stretching ride at all!

Frog's porn smaller

Well vented, we glided down the hill to Birstwith, and arrived in Hampsthwaite in a flurry of snow. In the lovely Sophie’s cafe we chatted about thermo-regulatory homeostasis, and then set out to climb out of the Nidd Valley, loaded up with bricks of flapjack. From Beckwithshaw we undulated back, navigating the potholes and Michael’s minor mechanical, on the back roads to Leathley and onwards to the fireside in the Fleece. It was a gloriously perfect winter ride. Great views and even better company!